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1.01.10- All Those Ones at One Time
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 1.01.10- All Those Ones at One Time


I don't remember when all those ones have
come up at one time.

But they sure have today.


Happy New Year!

The Lasagne  came out great and Phil and I
are off to dig into it with gusto.

Have a super New Year's Day.

Remember it is out last day of the
special we are running. You can review
it below.

In between the chili or the Lasagne or
whatever yummies you are enjoing today,
grab your special today.

You can digest it all tomorrow.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

Lasagne  ...Last Day

Hi [fname]

Phil and I are off to cook Lasagne for our
gang in New York. If you ever want to see
a diaster in the making, you should watch
Phil and I cook Lasagne.

Willie C, don't you dare say a thing:)

It takes us hours so I just have a short
reminder for you.

Double up at Sokule-Ends Jan 1st midnight est


Double Up at Kule Track-Jan 1st midnight est


Here is how that works

Upgrade today to Silver, Gold, or one of
our strictly limited Founder positions
at Sokule and you will get your Sokens
(sokule credits) doubled.

Silver gets doubled to 250,000 Sokens Value 254.00
Gold Get doubled to 500,000 Sokens Value 635.00
Founders get doubled to 700,000 Sokens 889.00

Sokens let you get Trackers at Sokule fast.
It's the coin of the Realm and it can make
you a king at Sokule.

To see how that works go to the Sokens box
in your members area and take a look after
you sign up.


Kule Track Double Up

sign up or upgrade today at Kule Track and
you will  have your Kule Coins doubled from
150,000 to 300,000 value 254.00


Kule Track lets you get trackers at Sokule
and followers at Twitter at the same time
There is no where on earth or in heaven or
in cyberspace where you can do that.

It's where all the Kule people hang out.


Grab your Double ups at Sokule and Kule Track
today and set yourself up for 2010 to build
your lists at both Sokule and Twitter.

You get this out to your lists and contacts
and make the same offer to them as a member
of Sokule or Kule Track.

I'll let you know how the Lasagne turned out.
If you hear silence, you know we made a mess
of it:)

Phil and I wish you and yours the best
New year you have ever had.

Each one is precious.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc
Jam Marketing Inc

PS I just mailed to over 2100 people and I
just joined yesterday. Take a look at this
You will like the way it works and the way
it mails. Grab the 77 one time payment and
mail everyday. I started out with 2 people
to mail to yesterday and today I have almost
2200 and I didn't put any of them there.
I like this. It is a good 1.01.10 investment
and you don't have to recruit to mail. Very







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