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ROI Unlimited... Changing Lives Across the Globe - And I Will Pay It Forward!!


 ROI Unlimited is Changing Lives Across the World!!  

 And I Will Pay Your Membership to Join!  


What Does That Mean?

I have the option to use part of my cycle commissions to have a new person added to my downline. 

How It Works? 
Any individual whom are interested in joining ROI but lacked the necessary funds.
An interested person will fill out a prospective form indicating they want to be a member.

You simply agree to the terms below and provide us your signed signature below and your payout structure will follow the list below.
Note: Each time you cycle a board below the following actions will happen.

Note: You commissions overview will display the deductions below.

Driver Board - Payout is $250.00 & 1 Pay it Forward Product Sale
Accelerator Board - Payout is $4,500.00 & 2 Pay it Forward Product Sales
Power Board - Payout is $18,000.00 & 8 Pay it Forward Product Sales

How A Pay It Forward Member Is Selected 
Each time you cycle a new member will be auto-selected from the group of waiting pay it forward members. If you have personally sponsored someone from this group they will have priority to follow you first.

Any prospective pay it forward member will have 48 hours to login with their usernamer/password and complete the signup process.

After 48 hours the individual will lose their initial rights and you will have the option to request a new individual.

Once your pay it forward member joins they will 'Always' be apart of this program themselves to help you acheive even a larger downline.


Nina Spelman (jkspel)

Sokule Founder



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