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The Winning Hand....Jane's Sunday Sermon
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The Winning Hand....Jane's Sunday Sermon

You gotta know when to hold um.
You gotta know when to fold um.

If you are a poker player, you know
exactly what that means.

Phil and I play poker when we go on
long plane rides to pass the time.

Well...we use to do that until I found
out you could get on the internet on
some planes and then poker gets folded:)

When we do play, Phil always thinks I am bluffing.

Usually I am not.

I have a terrible poker face.

You can read me like an open book.

That doesn't usually make for a good poker
player but apparently Phil doesn't know
that yet and he bets against me all the time.

I carefully pick up the dollar bills that
he leaves on plane food tray and remind him...

When you have the winning hand... play it!

The Winning Hand. Jane's Sunday Sermon

On Tuesday...All of you will have the winning hand.

Phil and I have been testing a new site
that we are soft launching on Tuesday,
May 10th somehwere
and it is a doozy.

Here is what I can tell you now.

Not much.
I don’t' want to give it away:)

What I can tell you is this.

It will have 3 membership levels
Fr-ee, Pro and Platinum.

Someone today is going to win 100.00
towards a Pro or a Platinum membership
(Your choice)

Here is how that will go.

I am going to give you the initials of the site today.

The initials of the site are KC.

The first one into my email box, today, who
can tell me what the initials KC stand for
will be the winner.

If you are the winner and you upgrade to a pro or

platinum membership at our new site,
100.00 will land in your PayPal or Alertpay
account on Tuesday to help with the cost of your


So here is all you need to do

Tell me what the initials KC stand for and...

If you are the first one with the correct
answer, into my email box, you will be the
winner and I will let you know on Tuesday
morning that you are the winner. Once
you choose your pro or platinum membership
level and pay for it, 100 bucks will land
in your Alertpay or PayPal account just
like magic.

Mail your answer to:


We have a really nifty one coming at you
on Tuesday.

You will want to upgrade to pro or platinum
I know it.
I just did and, yes, I paid.
I have 1 pro account and 2 platinum accounts
and I will be using them every day.

I will have a winning hand every day and
on Tuesday, you will have it too and
a 100.00 kicker if you get the name right
and are first into my email box.

If you have the winning hand, play it.


Happy Mother’s Day to Moms all around the world.

If you hurry, you can buy that wonderful keyword
and own it right now.

Happy Mothers Day is the Special Keyword
of the day over at KuleSearch- as it should
be- and you can put your hands on it and
buy it right now if you are a member of KuleSearch.

Not yet a KuleSearch member?

You are missing the ride of your life.
Join us here.


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: The "Name that Site Contest" starts today
and ends Monday Morning at 8.00 am est. so
keep those cards and letters coming.

What is the real name of the site whose initials
are KC. Take a stab at it and have fun
and who knows you may have the winning hand.









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