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The MAGIC of SOKWALL! The Power of KULE WALL!!

Do you read all of your email? I certainly don’t.  How could you?

My mailbox can get 3 to 500 emails in it while I am sleeping. 

As quickly as I can, those emails are heading for the trash can. And how often does it end up in SPAM?  Much too often! 


And what about the hours spent ‘clicking’ for credits - Just way too many to admit.  HA!  Who are we kidding?  Hours and hours to get 1 click on our link!  It’s embarrassing, and it certainly won’t make ‘you rich’ in 24 hours or less.

Social Media is the future of Internet Marketing.  The Networks are quickly replacing ‘it’s in the list’!  We are not there yet, but with the magic of SOKWALL, it will happen before you know it.

Enter the MAGIC of SOKWALL! 

Bronze Plus, Silver, Gold and Founder members can use SOKWALL as part of their membership.  Free members must upgrade to a BRONZE + or greater, and Bronze members (9.95 @ month) can purchase SOKWALL for an additional $5.00.  Using SOKWALL is worth millions in Advertising for your business!!

That is why I jumped at the opportunity to become a FOUNDER of SOKULE as fast as I could figure out what a Marketers Gold Mind Jane Mark and Phil Basten have created!  

With one SOKWALL Post, your Ad has hit 33 different WEBLOGS, 38 different Social Networks, and posted to the ‘Spread the Word’ page of on the hottest Social Network site today – SOKULE.  With one click, your ad is EVERYWHERE and everyone is reading it!!  That one SOKWALL post is now worth its weight in GOLD and countless hours of your time.

The best part - that ONE SOKWALL can have a video, a banner, a lovely picture, your picture, my picture, clickable links, whatever you would want on your ad or could think of.

Do you have an inspiring idea or review that you want to share?  A blog is a great place, but a SOKWALL is better. 



Allow post to ping additional weblogs  


A weblog often has the quality of being a kind of "log of our times" from a particular point-of-view. Generally, weblogs are devoted to one or several subjects or themes, usually of topical interest, and, in general, can be thought of as developing commentaries, individual or collective on their particular themes. A weblog may consist of the recorded ideas of an individual (a sort of diary) or be a complex collaboration open to anyone. Most of the latter are moderated discussions. 


Search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc…) read the weblogs daily looking for Keyword identification.  If your ad or article is full of high quality keywords, and rank your website. 

A very important aspect of a SOKWALL, compared to article submission or an email campaign, is the fact that SOKWALL’s can be ‘Edited’.  This is huge!!  You can ‘tweak’ your SOKWALL until it is full of the right high quality keywords that is crawled by the search engines that will rank your site high.  MAGIC!!

Post on Kule Wall  

Kulewall is now being viewed by 853254  



Now - Look at that audience!!  KULE WALL is where you can meet the smartest marketers in the world. They are on SOKULE and they have done the math.  They are the BRONZE plus, SILVER, GOLD and FOUNDER members of SOKULE who have figured out that dollar for dollar, an upgraded membership in SOKULE gets the best advertising on the net.

FOUNDERS can post 3 times a day, Gold and Silver are posting twice a day, and Bronze plus are allowed 1 post a day. These posts can speak volumes! 

KULE WALL highlights these brilliant marketers and gives you a chance to meet them, learn from them, and to get a glimpse of who they are.

They will reveal their inspirations and secrets to their success.

Kule Wall is NOT for ADS!   ADS belong on the 'SPREAD the WORD' page. 

Kule Wall is for Introductions. Get Sokule advice; learn from the experiences of those who have built small empires, learn that it takes hard work, patience and consistency to build a business that will grow.    

Inspirations of success!  Knowledge that failures are a part of the experience of growth!

Learn from Kule Wall, Grow with Kule Wall, Inspire and be inspired;

This is KULE WALL! 

Nina Spelman @jkspel at SOKULE                                            http://sokule.com/postit/jkspel  


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