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Why Almost 7,000 Have Joined Prospect Geyser... Jaye and Brad Explain How It Works!

One of the keys to success is mastering the ability to promote on the open
market utilizing as many sources as possible.

Where most people fail is that they don't utilze search engines to generate
organic traffic to their business opportunities.

Why would they neglect something so big and extremely targeted like that?

There are many reasons but the most common are:

1) It is too costly to use PPC.
2) It's just too confusing to try and figure out search engine algorithms.
3) It's not immediate and requires attention every day to build articles,
backlinks, social media, blogging, or any other tools needed to SEO.

There is a better and easier solution that our friend Janet Legere created
that almost 7,000 have joined because it is so effective and affordable
for the masses.

Prospect Geyser drives PASSIVE organic traffic to your business offers.

Instead of a sales pitch, here's an explaination of how it works and why
you should join this exceptional advertising resource:

How It Works (The Easy Way):

It means that with Prospect Geyser, you have the ability to automatically
generate organic traffic without the traditional SEO back-end work.

Search Engine Spiders are constantly crawling the internet looking for
fresh content. Prospect Geyser builds RSS feeds automatically by the
keywords and description that you enter in the back office.

With Prospect Geyser it's all done for you. As a Gold member your RSS
feed is automatically rotated on the main page which works to build
consistent SEO through spiders constantly crawling YOUR RSS feed!

RSS feeds are a part of the algorithms Google, Yahoo, Bing and all of the
other major search engines use to determine what is content they want to
search for.

AND.. it's highly targeted.

Here's our recommendation. Join Prospect Geyser now and upgrade for the
one-time extremely affordable OTO price.

Gold members are automatically rotated on the main page which means this
site becomes like your very own personal SEO service!

Important: When you enter your keywords in the back office, use long-tail
keywords instead of short-tail keywords. You'll get ranked higher and faster
doing that. (i.e. short-tail would be email+marketing.. long-tail would be

Don't hesitate on this one if you haven't already joined, there is a reason
almost 7,000 are in this.



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb


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