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Lose Stomach Fat the Sensible Way

“Lose stomach fat quickly and easily” is a subject of great interest, to millions of people, especially those in the “over 50” category. And we see ad after ad offering just that in a zillion different ways.

I wonder how many real ways there are to lose stomach fat quickly and easily?  I have been trying to lose belly fat for over 10 years, trying a variety of so-called fast and easy methods
with little or no success.

You see, I am well into that “over 50” group.  When I was younger and my metabolism rate was faster, I kept physically active, playing lots of basketball and running 3-5 miles every other day.

I can no longer do that, as the running and playing basketball takes a toll on the feet and joints. I’ve had to find enjoyable exercise without the constant pounding on the joints. And I take a medication that has the effect of significantly slowing my metabolism rate.

So what do we older men and women do to lose stomach fat quickly without putting such a strain on our bodies?

I’ve read that one way you can lose stomach fat quickly is by staying away from the quick fix fat loss solutions that you're bombarded with on a daily basis, like diet pills, very low calorie diets and those TV sensationalized exercise gadgets.

For us, is there really a time tested, proven way to lose stomach fat quickly and easily? And what is a good definition of fast and easy? One must understand that there is no real easy and fast way of losing weight and burning fat for mid-lifers It requires some hard work, dedication and patience.

The time proven way to lose stomach fat and excess weight is to go slow and steady, losing fat

and pounds the same way that we put it on . . . 1 or 2 pounds weekly. Sure there are faster ways to lose belly fat and weight, but 90% of the time the it all comes back. Unless a change in lifestyle is made.

Calorie restriction is the only 100% proven way to lose weight quickly. Tom Venuto, respected bodybuilder and author of “Burn The Fat” says it well:

“The law of calorie balance is an unbreakable law of physics: Energy in versus energyout dictates whether you will gain, lose or maintain your weight. Period. …
consume fewer calories than you burn.”

And that is a problem for me and millions others if it requires an extended period of dieting.

But What If There Was a Way To Only “Diet” Once Or Twice Per Week …

And Effortlessly Cut Out 10-20% of Your Weekly Calories?

Well, at last . . . THERE IS!! . . . and it works for EVERYONE . . . male or female…
young or old. … And it is flexible, to accommodate a wide variety of body conditions and lifestyles. It’s named “The Super Diet

Finally, I am able to lose stomach fat without having to endure “torture” diets, expensive
belly exercise gadgets, and long, boring aerobic workout. Exercise is a must with the Super Diet.

However, for us older folks, there are a variety of low impact cardio workouts to choose from, along with short (10 min. or less), yet intense exercises aimed at helping lose stomach fat.

I choose swimming as my low impact cardio exercise to lose stomach fat. Combined with dieting only 1 (or 2) day a week, and 2-3 ten  minute, intense abdominal workouts, I am able to lose stomach fat, keep it off and feel great.

Most of you may be already aware about the benefits of swimming. Swimming is two workouts in one: cardio and building strength. This intense workout will help to get rid of  the fat deposits from your body and help you shed some serious calories without straining your legs.

Click below to learn how the Super Diet can be molded for your circumstance and body condition, to enable you to lose stomach fat steadily . . . and permanently


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