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Click To Win! * New" Just Launched.
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Click To Win! * New" Just Launched.


1 click
You're a Winner

Everyone wins at KuleCash.

This is great fun and one doozy of an advertising


And of course it's a contact mailer to
125,000 members.

KuleCash Just Launched. Everyone’s a Winner


Sokule is proud to announce our latest Kule
(pronounced Kule) Site.

It just launched.

It's called KuleCash

It's ad Advertising Site with a twist.

It's a Contact Mailer to 125,000 members.

You Win a Prize with every ad that you read
Yep that's right. Read an ad. Win a Prize
You can even win ca-sh prizes as an upgraded

Commi-ssions are paid weekly
Fast start bonuses up to 20 bucks per upgrade
And recurring comm-issions are yours every
month and every year.

Here is how it works.

Go to the ads on the front page and chase
them around. It's great fun and you will
win a prize when you sign up from our ad
board box.

Everyone's a winner!

Ad your own text ads and let others chase you around:)

The more you get chased the more your ads are seen.

You will win a prize with every ad that
you click on and those of you who play
your cards right will win cash on random plays.

Yep! If you are a pro or platinum member
of KuleCash, you can win ca*sh when you
play our ad board game.

And then there is the Mailer!!!!

The Mailer!

No waiting around for the site to build.
You can use our mailer to 125,000 members right now.

Your promo goes right to contact addresses.

You can join the site free ea*rn commi-ssions
and prizes but...

If want people to chase you around the board
game and have your site seen all the time...

If you want to earn 15.00 and 20.00 fast start 

If you want to ea*rn monthly recurring commissions...

If you want some of your winnings to
come to you in cold hard ca*sh

If you want to use the 125,000 mailer to reach
up to 6000 members at a time then...

Join as a monthly pro member or a yearly
platinum member and take advantage of
being able to get your own site onto the
KuleCash Ad Board Game right now.

That's where all the Kule People will be
hanging out including me.

Have fun
Use the mailer
Get your Ads seen
Spin the Ad Board and have a play.

This is really Kule!!!


go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Be sure to listen to our "WC Fields"
announcement at the site. Brought to you
by that famous player, Phil Basten:)


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