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6 Figure Potential in 6 to 12 Months...Daily Commissions! It's This EASY:

You'll receive dozens of free ad sources from me, plus lots of subject-lines that really will get your emails opened! This is the highest-commission business anywhere, and it can pay you DAILY...several times per DAY...all YOU need to do is ADVERTISE DAILY. You won't be alone, the backoffice offers you tons of advice, and so will I.

My high days:
October 12th: $3,770
February 9th: $3,370
February 26th: $2,885
March 14th: $2,482

Plus lots of "smaller" days since I joined last summer! I raked in $60,000 since then.

One of my resellers just brought in a Level 5 signup on Wednesday, and that was her FIRST signup.
I get $1,838 from the new member, plus $47 from my reseller as the pay plan states everyone has to pay in their first signup. Then I raked in a passive $997 last night. WOW! $2,882 all within 2 days, pouring into my Alertpay and Paypal!

I raked in over $4,600 within 1 week, a couple weeks ago, and $3,370 of that was all on 1 day!

People join this every day, it's a non-stop gush of daily income directly to your favorite payment processor, into the $100's to $1,000's per day, you can get paid several times daily...all you need to do is join and promote your link!

Join up to Level 3 or higher & I'll help you advertise until you qualify to earn on the levels you joined!

This business pays daily 100% commissions, up to $1,838 per signup, and many members are earning over $1,000 per day, including me...just from posting ads online!

I joined up to Level 3 at the end of June and was qualified up to Level 2 within a couple weeks, and then Level 3 about a couple weeks later, so I was earning lots of $97's and $47's all thru July that added up to $2,600 so a lot of money came in before I qualified on Level 3.  I upgraded to 4 & 5 as soon as I got qualified on Level 2 during the beginning of July, before I got any signups for Level 3.  Then it took me about another month to qualify on 4 & 5 and I also earned around $5,000 in August just from 1, 2 & 3 income.
I earned about $8,500 in September, and over $15,000 in October, and several thousands more in November, December, January...a great February of $8,000 and a very good March & April.

...and I raked in those multi-$1,000 days from a few  signups, this is not a matrix, you don't need thousands of people!

I'm around $60,000 since I joined last summer.I had days in August over $750 and days in September over $1,000 and many days since October between $2,000 to nearly $4,000.  Not every day, but many days.
It's recommended to start with 2 & 3, because you won't earn much from just being in Level 1.
You'll get 3 sites with video/audio that close your sales, plus the exclusive ad-tracking system that can help you save money by pinpointing the sources that pull, and you can also use the EZ Wealth Mailer to contact all your tour-takers and resellers, that's a great deal because later you'll have a lot of people.
Here's what the 3 sites look like, they will have YOUR ID on the end when you join:

===>>> The real-time payout was around $1,320,000 when I joined a few months ago, now it's around $1,635,000.  I earned around $60,000 of that since I joined last summer, just by posting ads online like this! 

*** Guess what? Only a few motivated people are earning all that money, just from posting ads online, if you're not, then you're missing a ton of daily cash pouring in by the $1,000's:


Thanks if you sign up, this is the biggest easiest money I've ever earned, I'll send you a list of ad sources, and I also get lots of signups from Facebook.
We're in the largest and highest earning team, my sponsor earned $102,000 in his first 7 months, and one of his other members earned $90,000 in her first year, so this is a realistic way to a 6-figure income within 6 to 12 months, just from advertising.

*** KATHLEEN (ME!) earned $30,000 in my first 3 months,
my best day being $3,770. Most of that in PASSIVE
INCOME from just a few new members, this is not a
matrix of thousands of people. It's NOT MLM!


It's this easy:

1. Join.
2. Post Ads, lots of pre-written ads for you to use!
3. Follow Up, pre-written followup letters for you!
4. Rake In Your Commission$ the same day people join!

Just take the tour and watch our 10-Minute "HOW IT WORKS" Movie!
Join up to Level 3 or higher & I'll help you advertise until you qualify to earn on the levels you joined!

Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom



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