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What's In A Star? Jane's Sunday Sermon
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What's In A Star? Jane's Sunday Sermon

Hello Star Seeker

When I was small, my father used to take
me outside with a small, circular chart
that you could hold up against the night
sky to find help name all the constellations.

I knew my ursa major from my ursa minor
at a very tender age.

Orian and I were friends right from the
get go and I could find the end of the
Big Dipper almost instantly.

So stars remind me of wonderful balmy
spring nights when love and learning
were in the air.

It will probably come as no surprise then that

When I was given a chance to choose
between symbols that are used on the net
today (likes and thumbs up and such) that I
would go in a different direction.

It may come as no surprise that instead
of leaders boards that you see at many
sites, I would choose to highlight success
a bit differently and choose a symbol that
has a warm and fuzzy meaning to me like:

A *Star*.

What's in A Star-Jane's Sunday Sermon.

We are almost all competitive in nature.

We like to see our name in lights.

If we join a site, especially a Social
Media site, we want to shine there.

Becoming a star can be very important
Not only because it satisfies the ego
but, as you will see on Tuesday night
at our very special webinar, it can bring
you traffic.



At Sokule, you will see that people
get stars when they move up through the
ranks and gain trackers.

Meet our Sokule Stars.


On KulePages (a division of Sokule)
You can star a page and you can star
comments and you can star a comment
and you can comment on a comment.

And When you engage in this staring activity...

You get sokens at Sokule

Sokens at Sokule get you more trackers
Which makes you a Star at Sokule.

I am in the process of making Cuddles a
star at Sokule by making him a KulePage
at which he can get starred.

He is already a super star and he will
soon become a mega star.

You can star Cuddles right here and leave
him a comment and, in the process, you
gain sokens which can make you a star at Sokule.


So stars are not just bright shiny objects
in the sky that you can gaze at with awe and wonder.

They have some practical purposes right here on earth.

At Sokule, They build you a list that you
can mail to and that list can grow into
thousands very quickly.

On Kule Pages they build you traffic.

At KuleSearch, a sister site to Sokule,
we are developing a novel way to get
you traffic-never been seen or done


We will announce this new service on our
Webinar on Tuesday night.

This webinar is getting close to full so you
will want to register now


And someone, on Tuesday night, will become
a star because we are going to ask everyone
there to name our new service and, of course,
there will be a prize for the person who comes
up with the best name to fit the new service

Stay tuned for that.

Bottom Line.

Stardom is waiting for you.
All you need to do is reach out and touch it

First, Join Sokule if you are not already a member.


Just the act of joining gets you 10,000 fr*ee
sokens and starts you on your own path to stardom.

Next Join Kule Search and fund your account
with at least 10 bucks and buy some keywords
They start at 20 cents so you can buy a whole
lot of keywords with 10 bucks and...

As you will see on Tuesday night owning keywords
is going to be critical to increase your traffic
to your site.


Third join us on Tuesday night to see how
we integrate Sokule, KulePages and KuleSearch
into a pattern of stars that will over shadow
the Big Dipper.


This will be one of the most important webinars
we have ever held.

Make sure you star your calendar and make it
your business to be there.

Have a great Sunday

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.






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