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How To Get Massive Free Advertising With Ezines

Prosperity Marketing System

Using the following systems you can get lots of bucks worth of ezine advertising on a continuing basis, completely for nothing. You can also use these resources to structure an advertising campaign to fit your financial position. The first thing you need is a free email account, it's best to use one with a giant quantity of space for storage ,eg : http://gawab.com for your ezine advertising campaign. A Gmail account may also be sufficient.

The first place to visit is http://subscribeme.net. This is a free service you may use once each 3 months to get your classified out to over 1,000,000 customers. Submitting your classified to the service above is only the start of your new free advertising system. When you use this service, you'll be automatically subscribed to several fantastic ezines. A number of them offer free weekly classifieds to subscribers. Read through some of the ezines and look for directions provided as to where to submit your ad. If you are the organized type, here is where you may begin to make note of which ezines offer continuing free adverts, and tracking of your ad submissions to test different ad copy, see what's pulling the most, and which of your ezines are performing the best. After your ad is released, you can record it's publication date also.

You'll need to format your ad to a certain quantity of chars per line, and a specific amount of lines. It'll help if you set up a text file with multiple versions of your ad formatted to the varying guidelines. There are many comprehensive resources you may use you may use to confirm each line is a certain quantity of characters.

The links below contain ezines which offer free advertising:


You may also search thru numerous ezine directories to find more ezines to sign up for,eg:


Now that you are subscribed to a large range of ezines and have your continuing free classifieds, you have another excellent chance to get even more prime quality free advertising. For example; free banner advertisements, top and bottom sponsor adverts, solos, and more. As you take the time each day to go thru your subscription inbox, you may find tons of contests you can enter to win advertising. If you take the time to conscientiously enter each contest, you could find yourself winning prime quality free advertising a couple of times a week!

Another great advantage of being subscribed to multiple ezines and actively reading them is that you'll often find the publishers sending specials and discounted advertising rates directly to your mailbox that you wouldn't have access to if you had just ordered an advertisement without subscribing. This can give you a genuine headstart when you would like to order some paid advertising.


Subscribing to several ezines is a superb business method for gaining continuing free advertising, winning further free advertising, testing your ad copy, discovering which ezine customers are most receptive to your offer, and accessing valuable discounted advertising rates. So subscribe, and invest a couple of minutes to go thru your mailbox daily. Your attention will pay off. The time you spend will be a deserving investment.

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