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Timeshares VS Travel Club Membership
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Timeshares VS   Travel Club Membership For many decades the Timeshare option has been a very popular one for a select number of travelers. Traditionally the owner invests on average $16,000 for the right to spend at least one week per year at that Timeshare property. Annual fees are added in the range of $300 to $900 for upkeep. The Timeshare week can be exchanged for a week at another property, but it can be difficult and rather expensive to accomplish this.

So what exactly makes a Travel Club Membership superior to a Timeshare? Well, there are many benefits to owning a Travel Club Membership:

1. For starters the investment is usually much less. The purchase price can be as much as five times cheaper with the membership.

2. Also there are no upkeep fees required as you pay as you go. Costs can be as low as $298 for an entire family for a whole week. If you do not use it you won't pay anything. And what many people do not realize is if you fail to pay your upkeep fee you could have your Timeshare foreclosed on. Even if you failed to use it that year.

3. As stated above, with a Timeshare you either vacation at the same place every year or you can try to exchange your week for a more desirable location. This can be accomplished through the RCI Timeshare Exchange, which can become expensive as well as time consuming. Or you can go online and take your chances by posting your ad at various places. With a membership you typically will have dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of properties to choose from. You'll have much more variety Plus you'll have access to some of the best properties in the world.


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