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What's Up With the Eyes?
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What's Up With the Eyes?

Did you see?

Did you notice?

Sokule's eyes...

He is looking at you.

I am serious.

If you are member of Sokule, go to your
post message page in your members area
and take a look at those eyes.

If you are not a member of Sokule you
can sign up right here.


The world is watching Sokule...
The world could be watchinng what you are
saying right now.

Join Sokule

Once you join, go to your post message page...

And then take a look at those eyes.


It's where all the Kule people on the net
hang out to meet people and to make sales.

You can now post to 29 Social media sites
in a nano second including Twitter and

In fact, you can post to three Twitter
accounts at one time ,if you have them.
Many people have more then one Twitter
account and now you can reach them all
at the same time with just one post from

You can ea*rn commissions at Sokule and
pocket that green spendin stuff every

You can build a list fast using Sokens at Sokule
You can mail to that list every three days.

We provide the members, you just offer the
Sokens and before you can turn around,
you have your own list.

Sokule Does all the work for you.

1 post
1 Click
You're done.

Take the rest of the day off.

Sokule...Those eyes

They are looking at you.

Waiting to see what you are posting about today.

Post about your own business and get eyeballs
on your site today.

We provide the traffic for you.

Get the picture?

Sokule is watching you.
Sokule is watching for your post today.

Make it one that counts.


Go Get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Want more Sokule and Twitter Followers
all in the same place at the same time
Join Sokule's feeder site, Kule Track and
build your list even faster. It's free
to join but...

From now until the end of January we have
a contest going and anyone who joins at
the Gold level get their Kuel Coins double
to 300,000 on sign up. That will get you
a lot of followers fast and a list that you
can mail to at Sokule fast.

Kule Track. It's where all the Kule people hang
out on the net




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