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Autoresponders: Single or Double Opt-in?


The option you choose may have a surpassing effect on your success as an email marketer.

First, what's the difference between Single optin and Double optin as it is applicable to e-mail marketing? Single optin basically means that somebody can enter any info in to a capture form and they are immediately subscribed and/or allowed access to the free electronic book, software, etc. that's being offered by the marketer. Double optin, in contrast, means once the form is submitted, the person will get asked to approve their request before they're given access to the offer. Generally the confirmation is realized by having the customer click a uniquely coded link.

The most typical debate for using the single optin strategy is that some e-mail selling practitioners believe it will help build a bigger list. Regarding pure numbers, they could be right. But there's more to the picture than the raw number of prospects in your list. The most typical debate for using the double optin strategy for e-mail selling is that e-mail marketers wish to know the prospects they're generating are real humans that read their emails and truly interested by receiving the info being offered.

Somebody using the single optin technique may think that they have five thousand prospects in their database but may very well have somewhere around three thousand because two thousand are nothing less than junk emails, spam traps, or robots. While three thousand prospects is zilch to treat trivially, consider that if two thousand of those addresses aren't valid, that implies the e-book, software, download, etc. that was being offered has fundamentally been nicked if you didn't ask those prospects to approve before receiving your offer.

Another enormous issue to think about is deliverability. If your e-mail promoting list is cluttered with unknown or garbage e-mails, this may have a bad effect on your general deliverability. Many e-mail service suppliers will start obstructing domains that are known to continually send to e-mail addresses that don't exist. Over time, this may end up in your messages not being dropped at the genuine prospects that you do have. What good are those real prospects if your message cannot be sent to them?

Some fans of single optin hold the position that it's not relevant since email selling is so cheap. "Why should we care if some of the e-mails in our list don't actually exist? E-mail selling is so inexpensive anyway." This is a defective viewpoint. Those bad e-mails might be costing you more than you realize. Not only is your deliverability affected, implying that your message would possibly not be getting thru to even the good email addresses, but you could be overpaying your auto responder service supplier. Auto-responder corporations like Aweber, GetResponse, Continuous Contact, iContact, etc. charge on a set scale meaning the bigger your list, the more you may pay every month.

When their system looks at your account, they see the total number of prospects. So if you have 5,000 records but only three thousand are essentially deliverable, you are paying too much. The concept behind using technology like auto responders and e-mail promoting should be to help your business turbo-charge sales while reducing costs. Using single optin to build your email selling lists could cost not only in potency but also in your pocketbook.

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