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Duplicate Content Plugin Eliminates SEO Penalty For Content (for now)

I just found a great deal on a plugin that will solve the duplicate
content plague that so many marketers are swearing up and
down is a problem!


You can grab it for less than the price of a couple of articles from
a Romanian teenager that you would have to translate into real
English anyway.

This plugin is designed to make even blatant copies of the most
popular articles on the web appear to be brand new and pass

Is it Black Hat? You decide:


Also, while on the subject of Black Hat... my friend from New Jersey
has just created a software program that will make it so easy to
create a Google Adwords friendly landing page that you will swear
that it is illegal to use this!


What if you could create unlimited offers and websites for any product,
cpa offer, ppc offer, affiliate promotion, anything... in just a few short minutes? I kid you not.


How about if those websites and landing pages were already search
engine optimized too, so they get great search engine rankings. Just
imagine how this can increase your bottom line.

Here's how it works:

Within a few minutes of installing the software you can have a landing
page in any niche or business. Because you can use existing
professionally designed preloaded templates, you don't have to worry
about design. SEO is taken care of as well, all automatically!


Listen, we're talking about creating landing pages in minutes instead
of hours. We're talking about spending just a few minutes instead of
paying someone do something that's now so simple and quick. It's
no longer a lengthy task!

Think about it... the more landing pages you put up, the more you'll
bring in. It's a numbers game, especially if you're into Pay Per Click
(PPC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). It's a killer shortcut to
success for affiliates marketers as well, as you can create affiliate
landing pages that rank great in search engines very quickly. As you
can tell this is something to be excited about.


Worth checking out, right?

The good news is it just launched, and the owner is giving a
generous "launch discount". But you better hurry because the
discount is coming down pretty quickly.


As a bonus, I will help you with a live strategy session with the owner
of the software, Raakesh Blokhra, where he will tell you about how he
uses landing pages to make hundreds of thousands of dollars!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS - You can bet I am using both of these, the Duplicate Plugin and
the InstantLP software, because, like you, I need every advantage to
make my living online!

Grab the Instant LP now during the launch price:


And grab the $10 Duplicate Content Prevention Plugin for Wordpress:



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