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Is this, or is this not a social networking site?

Here's the deal...I am very focused on what I do, I empower people and create wealth for those associated with me. Ok I might be a boring Chartered Accountant (CPA), but I have acquired some other skills too.

So when I connect with you, track you, that is because it appears that we are singing from the same hymn sheet, we want more out of our lives.

I am open about what I am and what I believe in. It should be obvious from my post it page - it's about wealth creation and that's about understanding the power of bullion compared to paper (fiat) currency.

I will never spam you with anything - I will tell you what I am doing and if that sparks curiosity, and you request info, I shall oblige. I expect the same from you. 

How strong can the "Mastermind" be?? Incredible - just two brains are better than one, so imagine the power of legions!

A track back would be great:

- the sharing of ideas even more profound.. and who knows where that might lead. I look forward to sharing ideas and philosophies with you.

A social networking site is only truly that when we communicate! 

Best wishes, Mark 


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