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The Results of My Efforts - 11-27-2010PABCDEFGHI
11-27-2010PABCDEFGHI by Walter Paul Bebirian
11-27-2010PABCDEFGHI by Walter Paul Bebirian


When I post - share - blog or do any of these things that places either one of a few of my images - my thoughts - my videos or any of the myriad number of ways to add my expressions to the every growing collection of human efforts that is being added and collected on the Internet - I never really know just who - or when someone will read and be influenced by what I have written and what my thoughts are - but gradually I have been seeing that there are an every growing number of people who have been drawn to view my art and also who have been encouraged to call and come to be photographed by me - this is an excellent testament to the value of the tools and systems that have been created and that are being utilized by more and more people every day -


There are of course some who claim that they would never utilize this or that system and for whom the Internet and all of it's "mysterious" happening remain just that - a mystery - but I am convinced that what we have here is nothing more and nothing less than a highly advanced way of communicating with others on this planet - and making yourself available and open to such communications - ways of connecting and thoghts and ideas will in the long run make better our understanding of each other - although sometimes only very gradually - this is a very positive direction to move towards! 


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