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I believe that list mailers are virtually worthless

What type of success are you having using list mailers to generate income?  My guess is minimal.   

After belonging to several list mailers, I have determined that they are virtually worthless.  What you ultimately have is a marketer attempting to sell something to another marketer who could really care less about your offer.  In essence, his/her focus is selling you his/her offer.  It becomes a vicious circle.  In the end, most people become so desensitized by the continual onslaught of offers that they receives, they get to the point that they don't even read this stuff anymore. 

Bottom line, in my opinion, the only people that benefit from the list mailers are the list mailer owners themselves. 

There is a better way: This business opportunity will help you build your business sales by providing you with products and training that have long-term value.  Buyers want value, not hype or useless products.  If you have an opportunity that will increase your business sales and/or provide you a significant additional income stream, it is a win/win scenario for everybody.   

So, if you are one of the few that have actually read this ad, visit http://www.makeithappen4u2.biz Or call me at 800-570-3214.   


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