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I'll Take Some Ca*sh With My Social Media...Thanks
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I'll Take Some Ca*sh With My Social Media...Thanks


Do you hang out at Facebook?
Do you post to Twitter?

Love um or not, Social Media sites are here to stay

I love um but...I don't want to hang out there.

I don't want to log in to facebook and twitter
and myspace and put up the same post time
after time in place after place.

I don't have that kind of time. Do you?

I want to spend my time on the net growing
my business and putting that green spendin stuff
in my pocket.

So I'll take some ca*sh with my Social Media, Thanks.

Here is where I do that

I log into Sokule and with just one post, my message
is all over 86 Social Media sites in a nano second

1 post
1 click

I'm Done.

My message is on facebook and twitter and mysapce
and 83 other large, popular Social Media sites and

Sokule does all the work for me

1 post
1 click

I'm done and my business is ea*rning dough for me
at all the major Social Media sites on the net.

Plus I get paid for my efforts.

Yep! Everytime I introduce someone to Sokule and
they upgrade, I get paid.

All of my contacts are my potential customers and
I get a pay check from Sokule every Friday.

Sokule is a Social Media site that pays you to use it.

Sign up to Sokule here

Get the word out to your contacts, your lists and
your friends and you can collect a weekly paycheck
from Sokule.

Make 1 post at Sokule to our 85 Social Media posting
sites and your messsage will show up at Facebook and
twitter and myspace.

They won't pay you. Sokule will!

I'll take some ca*sh with my Social Media, Thanks

Shouldn't You?


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you want to post to all of Sokule's 86 posting
sites, don't miss the one time offer for a silver
membership as you sign up. It's a steal and you
must be a silver member or higher to access all of the
Sokule posting sites plus all of the other Sokule apps
that have given the Sokule the title of: The Gentle
Giant of Advertising"


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