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Exactly HOW a Regular Person raked in nearly $75,000 online since last summer:

People have asked me HOW I did it, how I raked in nearly $75,000 online from 1 business in just over a year, when most people don't earn $1,000 within a year from a combined pile of online stuff.

HERE's WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING about my experience with EZ Wealth Solution for my first 14 MONTHS:

Advertise heavily to DOZENS of places daily and always LOOK FOR MORE, and also keep track of your safelist advertising to all the safelists that let you post every 3 days or every 5 days or once per week, write it all down and keep doing it, daily, to tons of places.  If any of those let you post more than once daily, then DO IT! Write down how often you're allowed to post to each source and make a schedule for yourself.

I've been with EZWS for 14 months, it really helped a lot when I started filtering my safelists, if you use Gmail, create labels and filters for your incoming credit-based safelist mails if you need to click for credits.

I've been promoting EZWS every day for 14 months to DOZENS of ad sites, DAILY, 7 days per week for about 435 days, and I follow up with my tour-takers the same day they take the tour.  I've followed up with over 2,000 tour-takers and 261 of my tourt-takers joined, so you really need to keep advertising heavily every day because only a fraction of the tour-takers will join, and then only a fraction of the Resellers will advertise and bring in more people.

I didn't accomplish this by sitting there waiting, I've been working this business daily for the longterm.

In some of my ads, I've actually asked prospects if they are willing to put their main daily advertising focus on 1 business, EZ Wealth Solution...and you know what? Most people do not want to put their main focus on 1 thing, most people want to jump around like fleas, and not earn money from anything...most people have never posted to more than a handful of ad-sites daily on a continual longterm basis.  That's what it takes to earn consistent income...consistent daily main focus and advertising to LOTS of sources, not just a few.

Of the 329 people I have in my Level 1 paylines, only 68 were brought in by other people as passups to me.  That's why I tell people to NOT just depend upon the people under you...you can rake in MUCH MORE from your own motivation, by posting ads daily and following up!

I follow up with my tour-takers by personal email the same day they take the tour, and also contact all of them a few times per week thru the EZ Mailer.
It takes constant daily advertising to DOZENS of ad sites, and constant frequent followup with tour-takers.

I've studied the backoffice and pay-plan video over & over, the more time you spend in the backoffice, and the more thought you put into this business, the more it will pay out for you.

Some people have told me they don't want to post ads in their Facebook status-update because they don't want their relatives and real-life friends to make negative comments about their interest in online marketing.  Why not?  It's okay for your real-life friends and relatives to know if you work a real job for $7.50 to $15 per hour, but you don't want them to know you're trying to rake in $100's to $1,000's daily from home?  Don't worry about what other people think, just keep going for it, because THIS can pay you higher than anything in the world, anywhere

EZ Wealth Solution is a PROVEN DAILY CASH-GENERATOR for nearly 4 years worldwide, and you don't need to drive to work, you don't need a university education, and you especially don't need to stop your goals because of what other people think, especially if they've never tried it, don't let anyone stop you, and don't stop yourself either!

If I asked you if you're willing to put your main online focus on THIS, every DAY, would you DO IT?

***I've raked in $100's daily, nearly every day for the first 3 weeks of August, and I've had some DAYS in the last 14 months when my income went into the MULTI $1,000's!

My current income total at this minute, today, is $74,245 since I joined last year in the summer of 2010...

Plus I have a potential of $546,920 that can pour in at any time from the current Resellers I already have!

Every day you don't join is a day you're losing big money:

Take a look at the income potential, you may not have seen
details like this before, I hope it gives you motivation to

Here's what happens when you advertise daily, putting your focus on this business, and follow up with your tour-takers and encourage your Resellers:

I have had a total of 329 Level 1 payliners in EZ Wealth Solution, those are a combined group of my personally referred Resellers and also payliners brought in by people under me. I already passed one up to my sponsor. Each of these Level 1 entries is worth $47.

I have 206 on Level 2, already passed two up to my sponsor, so I raked in 206 payments of $97 for a total of $19,982 just from Level 2 upgrades. I have 68 on Level 3, so I received 68 payments of $247 that added up to $16,796 not including the two I passed up to my sponsor. 18 signups on Level 4 for a total of $8,946 not including the first 2 passed up to my sponsor. 13 signups at Level 5 with a total of $12,961 not including the first 2 passed up to my sponsor.

==>>That's a total of $74,245 since I joined just over a year ago!
(The average yearly USA income is low $50,000's for working
a "real job"!)

***Join me, Kathleen VanBeekom:

LOOK AT THIS, if I do nothing else...

MY FUTURE POTENTIAL from the payliners I currenty have:

When the 122 people on Level 1 who are not on #2 yet upgrade to Level 2 at $97 each, that will amount to $11,834 in Level 2 commissions.

When the 261 people on Level 1 who are not on #3 yet upgrade to Level 3 at $247 each, that will amount to $64,467 in Level 3 commissions.

When the 311 people on Level 1 who are not on #4 yet upgrade to Level 4 at $497 each, that will amount to 155,567 Dollars in Level 4 commissions.

When the 316 people on Level 1 who are not on #5 yet upgrade to Level 5 at $997 each, that will amount to 315,052 Dollars in Level 5 commissions.

==>>That's a current potential of 546,920 Dollars from the Resellers I already have, plus the $74,245 I already earned, plus the $3,723 I passed up to my sponsor. That potential $546,920 would be just if my CURRENT Level 1 downliners upgraded to Levels 2 thru 5, that doesn't even include the 2-up infinity payliners they could bring in under them in Levels 2 thru 5, and doesn't yet include the new members who join me DAILY!

Join TODAY at the highest levels you can afford and I'll advise you on how to get signups, if you approach this like a job, it can pay you much higher than a job in a a short time daily, definitely not 8 hours.

So you see how getting signups for Level 1 can eventually add up to a huge income, because people DO upgrade EVERY DAY.

The products in EZ Wealth Solution are 700 digital & software products, created by lots of successful marketers, including Ewen Chia and Liz Tomey and many more.

This is a very simple system, it IS truly EZ, and it DOES pay really BIG and pays DAILY, you can rake in SEVERAL DAILY payments into the $100's or up to the $1,000's.

First, take the tour, and watch the explosive pay-plan video!

Join me, Kathleen VanBeekom...thanks!



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