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Global Energy Giant, NRG, Invests in Your Independence

Tuesday, August 16 2011

Global Energy Giant, NRG, Invests in Your Independence

By Independent Associate Jayson Arfmann

PHILADELPHIA — Independence Energy has been purchased from Richard Vague and Kevin Kleinschmidt for $200 million by New Jersey-based NRG Energy. NRG Energy is a massive and diverse power generation company with assets from power production in Germany to solar generation in California.

NRG is also green—earning praise from environmentalists for launching eVgo, America’s first privately funded comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging system in Dallas, Texas.

Independence Energy Associates are excited about this new partnership and opportunity with NRG, one of the pioneers of the green movement. Independence Energy is now sitting at a key intersection, combining the $500 Billion opportunity that is energy deregulation with the trillion-dollar service and network marketing industry. And best of all, this alignment is backed by NRG; a company with resources that are seemingly limitless. This puts Independence Energy in the unique position to have unlimited growth potential.

Because of this new infusion of capital, we are now positioned to become the leader in our space, and in the process help people to make Choices that Change Lives. We are now positioned to be able to fulfill our shared mission of being the company who will do more for deserving charities than any other company.  We have the backing to ensure that our Associates make more money and have more fun in the process. It’s rewarding to be in a business where you are doing something good, as opposed to just making money.


There is nothing typical about the partnership between NRG and Independence Energy. And there is nothing typical about this opportunity. You may have just stumbled onto the greatest opportunity of your lifetime and if I were in your shoes, I would do everything humanly possible to get in front of the wave that is sure to come.


Hello, My name is Jayson Arfmann. I’ve spent more than 15 years in the network marketing industry, and I’m thrilled to say that I’ve finally found the company I’ve been searching for. While my dream of becoming a multi-millionaire in this industry has not come true yet, I know it will with Independence Energy. And I want to share this success with YOU.  

When I heard the news that Independence Energy, which possesses all the upside potential that only a start-up can provide, has already attracted the investment of an industry giant, I knew the next great life-changing opportunity is right here, right now!

I am overwhelmed by Independence Energy’s vision for product, state, and country expansion and its strategy for Accelerated Growth Momentum. Imagine what will happen with Independence Energy, having all the upside potential of a start-up, now has the backing of an energy powerhouse. Imagine the incredible opportunity to sit in your home office and participate in Independence Energy’s growth and success all over the US and, eventually, around the world! You will have an opportunity to participate in a wave of growth bigger than any of us have ever imagined. We can show you how!


What This Alignment Means to YOU

It’s like looking into the future! If I were selling stock, I’d be arrested for insider trading. Insider trading is illegal because it gives people who are in the know an unfair advantage. Think of this information as the best financial tip you could ever get in your lifetime! It’s like knowing the winning lottery numbers in advance! Here is the tip:


Independence Energy is now backed by a global giant and is the ONLY network marketing company with the advantage of being part of one of the largest five energy companies in North America!

What does this mean for you? Quite simply, as you partner with Independence, you will be in a position to stake your claim to wealth.

Independence Energy is positioned to become THE global powerhouse in the network marketing industry. Only Independence offers the unbeatable combination of the highest Associate compensation, staggering sales promotions, award-winning customer service, affordable energy pricing for customers and unmatchable customer cash back benefits.

No other company in network marketing will be able to compete with Independence Energy because no other energy MLM company is backed by a NRG, a NINE BILLION dollar company! NRG is the 5th biggest energy company on the Fortune 500. Except for NRG, NONE of the top five electricity companies in North America has an MLM arm!

The Momentum Phase of Independence Energy has just begun but this move will mean that this phase will last for years to come! That’s why right now is the best time to be in the game because momentum creates leverage and leverage makes all of us Super Human.

Ask yourself: Why would NRG, with a track record and the resources to buy any company they want, choose to buy Independence Energy? What does NRG see that creates such a powerful opportunity for you and me? With Jeffrey and Chet leading this company, is there any doubt Independence Energy will become the next big momentum player in the Network Marketing world? In what ways would it benefit yours and my family to get started now?


NRG Leadership

What makes me so sure this will happen? Just read about the company who just invested in Independence Energy:

An opportunity to put some NRG in your life and Power-up your Potential!

David Crane is an absolute legend in the energy business. Building up to his ascension to the head of the 5th biggest Energy company in North America, he obtained degrees from Princeton AND Harvard, led the energy sector investment for one of the top Investment Banks in the US, and served as the COO/CEO at International Power plc. And he has been amazingly innovative and truly a visionary in his time leading NRG. In the last 2 years alone as CEO, his leadership and vision has led to tremendous accomplishments for NRG, including:

·      $300-million acquisition of Reliant Energy (#1 retail electricity provider for businesses in Texas—more than 1.6 million customers)

·      $350-million acquisition of Green Mountain Energy (the industry leader in GREEN energy customers)

·      First nuclear power plant building application since 1978

·      First ever electric car charging station in the US (in Houston)

·      And now, the $200 million acquisitions of Energy Plus and Independence Energy


But there’s more. In 2010 alone, he was selected as the EnergyBiz CEO of the year and honored at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards gala.


Do you know anyone in the industry with a stronger bio and track record? In any industry? Can you see what a great opportunity this is to hitch your wagon to a true business superstar?


Why did NRG pay over $200 million for a start-up company? Why pay so much in a business deal that included such a new company?

As you can imagine, NRG spent years researching the industry and hundreds of hours talking to leaders and owners of dozens of network marketing companies, NRG decided that buying Independence Energy would be the best long-term investment they could make. Apparently, NRG sees what you and I already know: Network marketing is an unparalleled business model for companies that build quickly while doing something good for other people at the same time.

The network marketing industry will grow more in the next 10 years than in its entire history combined for four major reasons:

• The network marketing business model has a proven track record, and is here to stay

• Network marketing thrives in every economic cycle

• It has the potential of creating perpetual accelerating momentum

• Entrepreneurs and savvy business people around the globe are discovering the genius of this business model


Independence Energy Leadership

Independence Energy Founders Jeffrey Meiler and Chet Seely are Fired Up!

Co-founders Jeffrey Meiler and Chet Seely, as part of a public Fortune 500 company, can’t comment on this transaction… However, Jeffrey recently commented that we have all had those “life is too short” moments where we evaluate what we really want out of life. This partnership with NRG gives you and I the opportunity to do something that we very rarely do; we have an opportunity to do something about those thoughts!

If NRG believes so completely in the Independence opportunity, shouldn’t you? You are in a position to realize income that you may never have thought possible.

Co-founder, Chet Seely believes that we may not always know exactly what we want out of life, but we know what our perfect life “feels like.”

We may not always know what we want to do with our lives and that is ok. But we all have ‘life flashes,’ those moments where you know whether you’re on the right track in life. I believe that the investment of NRG means that the entire MLM industry has an opportunity that has never existed before in the history of network marketing; we all have the oportunity to get on a better track in life. This opportunity will allow anyone and everyone to accomplish their dreams through Independence Energy.


Independence Energy Associates have huge goals for Independence Energy, and for you:

• To be the #1 network marketing company in the world

• To be a $5 billion company inside 20 years

• To have the highest paid distributor force in the industry

• To use this vehicle to help the most people in their lifetimes

Of course, everybody says they want to be #1 so what makes Independence so unique? Jeffrey and Chet have an astonishing track record. Every business that they’ve started or worked with has achieved phenomenal success, and he is totally confident that Independence Energy will become their next multi-billion dollar company. They know how to win!

When Jeffrey and Chet can build a company to a level of massive success, even billion-dollar success, it could be luck. But when you do it 3 or 4 times in a row, it’s more than luck.

Independence Energy is a pioneer in the green movement. And the energy space of network marketing probably has the most loyal consumers of any product. High retention rates is yet another unsung benefit to being part of the green energy movement.

Our Associate’s passion for doing good things for people AND the planet is driven by our vision—that being green should feel good and earn YOU a whole lot of green. This vision is part of a larger marketplace revolution, says Yale's Daniel Esty, the co-author of Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage. CEOS are "falling over one another," Esty says, to address climate change within their companies, while billions of venture-capital dollars are being poured into technological solutions for the planet's environmental woes. 

Now, Independence Energy’s passion for a healthier planet is aligning with NRG’s history in environmental sustainability!


NRG gives Independence Energy momentum, and Jeffrey and Chet are giving it purpose.

When customers look at their Independence Energy power bills and accompanying 5% year-end cash back, it reinforces the smart decision they made—both for their wallet and for the environment. It reinforces the fact that they’re doing a good thing. And it was so EASY. Unfortunately, many people feel as if they’re forced to choose between their convictions and price. I believe you can have both.

I also believe that Network Marketing is the most compelling way for the average person to take advantage of the opportunity that is energy deregulation. So many people still don’t understand that they have a choice when it comes to their electricity usage, and the process of switching can seem complicated. But network marketing makes the process of switching to a greener, healthier and more cost effective energy choice so simple. Someone is there to walk the consumer through the process. Network marketing makes the process easy to choose and simple to understand; that’s the Independence Energy difference.

And for those who still can't quite shake the notion that a direct-selling party is incredibly uncool, there's the Internet. This is the most networked generation in history. They're constantly talking and referring. Our business model is not dependent on people gathering in a home to demonstrate it. It's dependent on people learning something they didn't know, having a positive experience with our green energy products and sharing that with their friends.

It is not uncommon for other companies to market their products and model their business strategies based on the results of NRG and Independence Energy

We are way out in front of a massive trend … The services industry is projected to be the next $1trillion per year industry!

“The secret to creating great wealth is to know where the future is headed and get there first.”


Take it to the bank…

Independence Energy will be a $5 billion a year company. That means a payout of billions of dollars in commissions and bonuses! How big a piece of the action would you like to have? I believe that Jeffrey and Chet are committed to the best plan and biggest payouts in the industry. They’ve told me that they are going to personally sign every monthly bonus check over $1,000,000!

I hope you are beginning to catch the vision …

When billionaires like Warren Buffet (who also entered network marketing a few years ago by purchasing Pampered Chef) say that there will be more wealth transferred and distributed through energy deregulation than any other opportunity in the history of the United States, then… It’s time for all of us to pay attention!

And when there is only one company in network marketing, Independence Energy, that has the backing of a company as large as NRG…then it is time to put your attention to good use in generating tremendous income!

I know that Jeffrey and Chet are brilliant businessmen. Together with Warren Buffet, they know the industries and companies with the most potential. They anticipate the future. They know how to identify and invest in the companies that have the best chance of winning. They plan on building Independence Energy into a multi-billion dollar powerhouse. I believe they will. Luckily for us, they want to take us with them!


This is a Race Against Time!

A huge window of opportunity is opening right now. You are reading this information at the most critical time—before Independence Energy goes nationwide and global and while they still have all the opportunity of a start-up! They are entering full-blown momentum! Hyper-growth is starting now and this is one timing window you don’t want to miss. From my perspective you have two choices:

• Take a “wait and see” attitude and risk losing ground you can never make up … or …

• Participate in the opportunity of a lifetime at a point in time where everyone is looking for good, common-sense energy products and economic security

Ask yourself if what you are reading here makes sense and if it does, I urge you to learn about the first exciting enhancement that has been made in celebration of our Illinois Grand Opening and our new level of capitalization  http://independenceenergyalliance.wordpress.com/

Again, ask yourself: Why would NRG, with a track record and the resources to buy any company they want, choose to buy Independence Energy? What does he see that creates such a powerful opportunity for you and me? With Jeffrey and Chet leading this company, is there any doubt Independence Energy will become the next big momentum player in the Network Marketing world? In what ways would it benefit you and your family to get started now?

Already, the industry is buzzing…

Chet gets calls almost everyday from industry leaders who know his track record and see the enormous potential that lies ahead. Millions of people love this marketing concept and have been looking for the perfect Network Marketing home. It is not unusual for people to be in 5 or more companies chasing the next hot deal only to have the company fail!

I have good news. Starting right now… no one will ever again have to play network marketing roulette and watch the dream fall apart.

Starting right now… you can have it all … a sense of permanence about your income and that rare chance to participate in accelerating momentum!

Again, there is nothing typical about the partnership between NRG and Independence Energy. And there is nothing typical about this opportunity. You may have just stumbled onto the greatest opportunity of your lifetime and if I were in your shoes, I would do everything humanly possible to get in front of the wave that is sure to come. Either way, a few years from now you can look back on the opportunity you are being presented today and say one of two things… “I wish I had.” -or- “I’m sure glad I did.”

I sincerely hope that this information helps you catch the vision of what lies ahead. I hope you will act on it and I hope that it will make all your dreams come true! Take a serious look!

Nina Spelman
Green Energy Customer:  http://TheGreen.chooseindependence.biz



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