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Want 1 Million?
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 Want 1 Million?


I have been sworn to secrecy until Friday

Something big is coming at you on Friday
Get yourself positioned in for fr*ee now


Here is what I can tell you

This site is going to knock your socks off
It is very different then anything you have
been involved in up to now on the net.

When I heard about it it left me speechless
and since I am sworn to secrecy that is
probably a good thing:)

But I can tell you this much

Those of you who see the value of what is
coming at you on Friday are going to be
handsomely rewarded both from the new prgram
itself and from me

I was so impressed with what I heard that
I set up a deal where, if you grab this
opportunity on Friday, you will get 1 Million
Sokens at Sokule

You heard me right.
1 million sokens at Sokule with a value of

It takes a lot to impress me
I don't offer 1 million Sokens easily

But you will see why I did this on Friday

Bottom line
It won't cost you anything
The sooner the better

Get in position now.


Make sure you are a member of Sokule so that
you can scoop up that 1 million Soken bonus
when you upgrade on Friday


If you are already a member of Sokule, you
will see that you can change your sokule
affiliate id right now in the members area
of this prelaunch site.

That way when you advertise this new site
you are advertising Sokule at the same time
neat huh?

There is a very exciting and unique opportunity
coming at you on Firday and I want you right
there with me when it launches.

I am hyped. You will see why on Friday.
Be prepared to grab your million then.

Go get um


Jane Mark
JPE Advertising
Sokule, Inc

PS: Doug and Greg and Chad from GoGo20
put me onto this new opportunity.

If you are not a member of their site,
you are missing 20.00 payments that come
at you over and over again.






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