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(JBP) Have Others Tweet And Like Your Ads To Their Inner Circle Of Friends!

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Have you been searching for a totally unique way to promote your business

One of the biggest challenges we face online is finding new and innovative
ways to market our business opportunities.

Your search is over!

Walter Bayliss has created a totally viral and effective way of marketing your business
and once you start using the system, you'll understand very quickly just how viral this
thing can get!

Imagine being able to send out an email, and then have tons of people promoting your
email for you...

Now you can stop imagining because that just became a reality!

Walter Bayliss has designed a truly unique system called Totally Tweetable, and the
name definitely says what it does!

Totally Tweetable is a combined Viral List Builder/Safelist and Twitter Marketing
System that adds a totally unique twist that has other people promoting your ads
instantly and automatically!

It's like having your own army of affiliates promoting every product that you want to
promote on Totally Tweetable... All done for you with just one click of a button!

But how do you get the most out of Totally Tweetable?

The more people you can reach, the MORE viral power you can instantly gain at your
fingertips within seconds after sending out your ad...

That's right, by upgrading your account, you actually have the ability of reaching well
over 3,000 people and the more people that click on your ads, the more viral your ads

Imagine sending an ad out to 3,000 people and if just 5% of them tweet or like your ad,
it becomes viral all across Twitter and Facebook!

How's that for viral power!?

Pretty amazing as this concept has never been done before now, and is exploding all over
the internet!

So don't wait, get started now, and be sure to check out the One-Time Offer as it will surely
give you a huge boost in your promotions!



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

(JBP) Jaye and Brad (JB) SOTAM Co-Founders Pledge (P)

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, we pledge to only promote quality
programs that add value to your advertising/money making efforts. While we cannot
guarantee every opportunity will be worthwhile, we will research the admin history,
market opportunity, and promote only those programs we believe to have the highest
market demand.


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