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Sokule in the Lime Light.
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Sokule in the Lime Light.

We have some very exciting news to share with
you about Sokule

Phil and I have been invited to be panelists
at the San Francisco Open Mobility Show
in March of this year.

We will be among 9 start ups that will be
showcased at the event.

Yelp, Digg, Qik, Zynga, Cooliris, Sokule, Mozes,
Planet 9 Studios and more.

You can read more about this event right here


Here is the important part.

What is it all about?Open Mobility 2010, an
evolution from our OSiM (Open Source in Mobile)
USA show will equip you with all you need to
succeed in an open mobile ecosystem. We're
shaking things up a little and as well as
 hearing from headline speakers from established
companies that have formed our industry and
made $billions from doing so (we're talking
T-Mobile, Pandora, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm,
Verizon, Gracenote, Warner Bros, MTV, AT&T et al)
we will also be devoting huge chunks of the show
to Silicon Valley startups, those that have
exploded onto the scene in the last few months,
those that have developed this year's must have
apps and have earned their dollar through taking
advantage of the rapidly changing ecosystem.

Hear from the founders of Yelp, Digg, Qik,
Zynga, Cooliris, Sokule, Mozes, Planet 9 Studios
and more

Needless to say we are thrilled to be in such
remarkable company.

If you would like to join us at the conference
we have room for three discounted tickets only
and you can contact me for one of those here

These tickets range in price from 1100 to 2100
if you sign up before Jan 26th and then they
go up by 25% so if you want to be there, let
me know fast.

Sokule, as you can see, is making a name for itself
and we are delighted that you have been part of
this endeavor from the get go.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, get
in on the action here


[fname] If there was ever a time to hop on board
as a founding member of Sokule, I would say it
is now.

We are not going to remain the infant of the
Social networking world for long and you have
the best opportunity you will ever have now
to get in on Sokule while we are still just
a baby:)

Keep in mind that Sokule is an avertising
site for business.

If you have a business on the net, you are
going to want to get it up on Sokule in
a very visible way and you are going to want
to do that now before all heck breaks loose.

You can read about our founding memberships below

There are only 96 left our of 500 discounted

They will be the cheapest invest*ment
you can make for your own business.

Believe me when I tell you that after march
11th, the price will go sky high on our
founding memberships since only 1500 will
ever be sold at anytime

Become a founding member now.
We are on the threshold of breaking out here
and we want you with us.

We intend to take San Francisco by storm

You want to be in the eye of the hurricane
when it lets loose.

Can't afford a founding membership?

Then make sure you take out some ad space
on Sokule now while you can get in.

Join Sokule here today

And get this Gentle Giant working for
you 24/7


Wait until you see what is coming at you
tomorrow from Sokule

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Founding Membership Information

We think this is a deal you can sink your teeth into.

You Pay Once and get the benefits
of Sokule forever.

Here is what you get as a founding member

*Our highest commission pay on sales 50%

*Access to every application we add to
Sokule for life.

We have two years on the drawing boards
and we add things all the time,

Founders get them all as part of their membership

*A Special Founders seal on your postit page
which sets your site apart from all others
and helps you sell founding memberships
as well. That can put a big chunk of change
in your pocket at one time.

You can see that seal on my page here

*You get early notice of any sokule related
site that we develop that has an affliate
program so that, if you are interested, you
can promote it early to your lists.

You get two permananet business listings
in the members area of Sokule to where
you can post your own business ad and edit
and change those ads at any time.

You get to post to every Social Media site
that we add to Sokule ever and there is
where the real power of Sokule lies.

You get 350,000 Sokens on upgrade which you
can use to get trackers fast by making
a nice high Sokens offer.

Just for upgrading today, we will double
that sokens offer to 700,000 which is a value
of 889.00 . I will add these sokens manually
to your account should you choose to become
one of our founding members.

It is probably one of the best advertising
deals we have ever offered on the net in
ten years.

Right now these memberships are selling
at a huge discount to the first 500
people who take them. Then they go way
up. 404 are spoken for

Only 1500 Founding memberships will ever
be sold at Sokule.

We will be adding new applications over the
next 30 to 90 days and we have about
2 years of applications on the drawing
board, all of which you will get just
for being in with us from the get go
as a founding member.

You can upgrade to founding member right
in the members area of Sokule or you
can contact me for a special paylink that
lets you pay in Three installments

contact me at








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