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I should have let you know about this
sooner ...


If you don't have hosting you trust
(crucially important) for your business
websites or . . . .

You want to host your websites where I
and several of the net's best marketers
host their websites, then you're gonna
love what my friend Joel Therien has
just made available.

The BEST marketing website hosting
on the net for just $1 for a 7 day trial
and then only $9.95 per month.

Check out what's included here:


But the kicker is . . . .

It's not just hosting, for just a buck now
and then $9.95 later you ALSO get:

- A starter autoresponder package which
holds up to 500 subscribers.

- The easiest blog builder I've ever used.

- The "Easy Video Producer" which allows
you to create and host all your videos
for fast streaming.

- Your own 5 person online conference

- One of the most lucrative affiliate
compensation plans I've seen for a
hosting company.

(I've been getting totally passive
commissions from Joel for about two
years now from just a few emails I
sent out 2 years ago.)

- Plus a LOT more . . . .

Add all that up and it's an insane value for
any serious online business builder at just
$9.95 per month.

I'll put it like this . . . .

I don't care what your personal economy
looks like, if you're serious about your
online business, then . . . .

You can't afford NOT to take advantage
of this hosting and online business tools


I'm not sure how long Joel is going to
continue to run this offer, but . . . .

I know the normal hosting package they
have is $44.95 per month, so . . . .

This is your chance to get rock solid
hosting and your website or blog up for
literally almost nothing, and make some
pretty easy money recommending hosting
in the process.

(And I'm going to make it even easier.
Make sure you read below for complete
simple instructions.)

But first . . . .

Head here and check out the $1 offer:


To the top,

Jan van der Kolk
Proud GVO/HTP member


Want To Quickly And Easily Secure A
New Passive Income With This Message?


Follow These 3 Simple Steps . . . .

1. Take the $1 Trial Here:


2. Edit the links above with the links with
your referral links and then change my
name after "To the top" to your own name
and username.

3. Post your version to your blog, send
it out to your subscriber base, tweet
it, share it as a Facebook note.


IMPORTANT: Make sure you include the
entire message to ***** you see below so
that your message can go viral and earn
you commissions from your referral’s





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