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This Sad Day-Dateline Texas
Published 05-25-2022

This sad day...

Hi All,


How many times will we witness the shooting of our children with guns of war where there are no background checks, no training, no rules of the road for guns in Texas and in many other states.

 How many empty tears are we going to shed before people stand up and say ENOUGH?


 Yesterday, the minority leader of the Senate offered the same old tired message of being heart broken and saying "There are no words"


You're darn right there are no words, action is needed in Congress not empty words.


I know the pain of losing a young person in my life.


My cousin, Andrew Goodman, was murdered in Mississippi in 1964 by 17 Klansmen who murdered 3 young men who were helping to register African Americans to vote.
I was 18 years old.


I will never forget the terror of that moment.


Imagine what the parents and surviving children of Texas are going through right now.


They will never fully recover from this awful awful scene. No one ever does.


What I cannot stand is people offering their empty prayers and crocodile tears.


Yesterday, David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland shootings, watched Mitch McConnell read his canned, predictable words. Someone asked David what did he think?


His answer was a not so polite "take those words and shove them you know where"
I think most of would say the same.


We all need to get beyond words of empty sympathy and get off our behinds and make action happen on guns.


Here are some ways you help.


Elections are coming up in Novemember. Make sure that you know who is running for your state positons in  your district. Call their office and ask them a direct question.

Do you support Federal legistation for background checks on all guns sold in the country?

90% of Americans all agree on that.

Why are we letting ourselves be controlled by monsters?


 We need serious people in Washington who can offer far more than platitudes. It is our job to make sure we elect people at the State and Federal level who actually give a damn.


I know our Senators in states like Illinois and New York and California implement sensible gun controls in a heartbeat but it is not enough. It needs to be done on a Federal level.


We need to give some of our time and money to groups who are backing other people in
other states who have nothing to offer but empty platitudes when our kids are shot up.


We are all in this together.
School shootings can happen anywhere.


Let's help control our own destiny for the sake of our children and young people.



Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc



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