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My Paying Ads is a viral advertising site which delivers very high quality Pro traffic within short span of your advertisement placed. Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or sales for your programs or products? Look no further, My Paying Ads is the solution!
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Martin Green 11:35 AM May 17th 15 from Web

Hey, I'm having a really good day!! I just learned a new trick on getting free traffic to my websites. I will never have to pay for webtraffic for the rest of my life. I have access to 40,000 real person visits. Celebrate with me on my good fortune!

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Everyone who has a website needs Traffic and I have a traffic website. Check it out At last! Get guaranteed, unique visitors delivered to your site at an insane low price!

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Martin Green 5:32 PM May 06th 15 from SSubmit

Martin Green - I have two Google Page Rank 9 Websites and
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Martin Green 9:11 AM Feb 04th 15 from Web

Let's give a big welcome to two new domain names tonight! They are, and Why are new names important for the game? Well, for one, it gives the game exposure, and secondly it gives potential banner advertisers more reason to purchase banner ads. As we grow we rank higher in the search engines. This also creates an opportunity for anyone to purchase a game we have already designed, knowing we drive traffic. Visit to see what it's all about!

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Martin Green 8:13 PM Aug 15th 14 from SSubmit

Ready to help make a difference in the world? Lets get you setup with a website so you can start accepting contributions online for your cause and meet others who are involved. These individuals will save the lives of thousands of people, find homes for lost animals, and help shape us a new world. Get Started Instantly!

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Martin Green 9:59 AM Jul 20th 14 from SSubmit

If you want 200,000 Sokens ($150.00 value)

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