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Amazing New Marketing Tools of List Builder Safemailers


Amazing New Features of List Builder Safemailers


SafeList Mailers and List Builders have always brought
the best results in my internet marketing and advertising

In case you are not familiar with these marketing tools,
it is well worth your time to get up to speed on them.

Here are a few examples:

List Adventure
The Lead Magnet
Viral In Box

I want to share with you the amazing new features
becoming more available that will save you time.

I am sure you've heard the phrase "Time is money".

That sure is a fact when it comes to marketing on the
internet and with many new features coming online you can
stay in front of the game.

1. No More Copy And Paste for Text Base ...

With many of the earlier mailers you had to write your marketing
document in word or notepad then copy it over to the application which
in most cases was a text based mailer.

Now Mailers have Text Base but also include HTML in color. Plus you are provided
with multiple template to save.

2. Scheduled Auto-Send ...

Want to schedule mails in advance? Many Safelists can do that!
Schedule your mail to send multiple times and your email can be cloned
and copied for future mailings! Just set and forget.

3.Auto-Send Integration ...

This has become available in all the Top Mailers. Merely write you message or
load from a template, set the date and time and your message is sent
automatically for that set time. That way you can send automatically for the
high readership days of the week.

4. List Building Features ...

If you want to build you own list or recruit to other websites all of the new
mailers provide for a "build and mail to you list of signups.

In addition if you are running into a problem with advertising too many affiliate
type programs, these new mailers have "downline builder" list programs that your
signups can join.

This can be a real time saver. In many cases, you can add your own programs without being locked into the list owners programs.

Thanks for reading this article. I trust it has been helpful.



Dennis Wile has been marketing on the internet for the last six years. He has written several articles based on his expertise in areas such as Traffic Exchanges and Search Engine Optimization.

->   http://www.dmwilehomebiz.com/

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