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Trx Millions deserves a look see. Pif Window is open.


This is another avenue to generate revenue

for trx.



After registering, if you click on the

home page link, without paying the

membership fee, and go back to

the registration page, stop.


The system will not let you into

the members area without paying

the membership fee. 


Once membership fee has been paid,

either thru your efforts or a pif, you will

be able to get into the members area.


You will get a pif into Tm 1 and Tm 2.


No need to recruit if you don't want to.


A few details:


Tm 1 is a 3 x 1 team/personally forced

matrix. You will receive 100% commission

to your internal wallet on the first 2 positions

in the matrix.


The 3rd payment goes to your upline, giving

you a re-entry into the Tm 1 level.


Tm 2 is a combination of company forced

and team forced 2 x 2s.


The first 5 levels of Tm 2 are company

forced.  You will earn on the last 3 positions

in this matrix.


The last position in the 2nd level of the 2 x 2

will be paid to the next person in line, looking

to receive a commission in their 2 x 2, giving

you a paid re-entry back into the Tm 2 level.


Tm 2 levels 6 – 16 are team/personally forced.


Tm Elite is personal forced.


A suggested strategy:


1.  Purchase up to level 5 in Tm 1 and Tm 2.


Tm 1 – matrix 1 (1 Trx)

Tm 1 – matrix 2 (5 Trx)

Tm 1 – matrix 3 (10 Trx)

Tm 1 – matrix 4 (20 Trx)

Tm 1 – matrix 5 (50 Trx)


Tm 1 and Tm 2 are combined.  When you

purchase a position in Tm 1, you are also

purchasing a position in Tm 2.  Allow for both.


2.  Purchase level 1 in Tm Elite (100 Trx).


I followed above strategy as a first course but

charged $100. to credit card for additional trx.


Purchasing trx using credit card



If you need a wallet to hold your tron



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight






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