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You are going to love this, Jason Tonioli, Favorite Hymns Featuring CaraNua
Published 12-07-2017

Hi there, Christopher B here! You are going love this! Watch this video and get ready for the new CD!


 Get the new CD by Jason Tonioli: Favorite Hymns Featuring CaraNua:

This album features Jason Tonioli’s hymn arrangements sung by CaraNua, a trio comprised of Irish singers Alex Sharpe, Lynn Hilary and Edel Murphy. These three have toured/traveled the world as lead singers for Celtic Woman and Riverdance.

In addition to the amazing vocals by CaraNua, the talented Chuck e. Myers & Jake Bowen provided orchestration magic on each of the tracks.

This is the first time Jason has recorded vocals to his arrangements and the results have been stunning. We hope you enjoy listening to the music and hope you will share it with your family and friends.

And This makes a great Holiday family and neighbor gift!

Click to get Favorite Hymns Today!

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