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What an Amazing time to live In!!!!!
Published 12-18-2017

 There has  on been  two other eras that  ordinary people could get rich , the gold rush and the  oil boom.    This  new era of crypto- currency  has made it  far   more exciting  and earsier for  anyone to become wealthy.  It just how  you choose to  do it.    You don;t have to buy land to stake your claim or  mining gear.   you  can acturally  do it f.ree and passive.   no weathe to keep you from  getting your  bitcoin and no  oil fires or mine clasping.   You can  get started for F,ree building  your bitcoin then  use  some and make it even faster. I know you would live to be holding a couple of bitcoin when  it get to the 100,000 mark  or maybe even  higher