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New Wings! Caranua Music The Concert Experience! See the video!
Published 01-04-2018

Hey everyone, Christopher B here! Look ! Caranua is coming to the USA!

New Wings! The Concert Experience! Caranua! Live  in their US debut performance! Formerly of Celtic Woman! CaraNua, a trio comprised of Irish singers Alex Sharpe, Lynn Hilary and Edel Murphy. These three have toured/traveled the world as lead singers for Celtic Woman!

Along with Jason Tonioli, New Age Piano! (At @toniolijason )

Live Jan 16, 2018 7PM at Austad Auditorium, Val Browning Center, Weber State, Ogden Utah. Bring the whole family for a lovely evening of healing music!

Click the link below, to see more about this wonderful concert!


Get your tickets at http://weberstatetickets.com

 Have a great day!

From Christopher B e r e n t s e n