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Caranua is coming to the US
Published 01-15-2018

Hi there, Christopher B here! Thanks again for helping my blog reach 100,000 visitors! Very thankful to all the returning visitors and my new visitors!

Just to let you know, the Irish trio Caranua is coming to the US! Watch the video below:


New Wings! The Concert Experience! Caranua! Live  in their US debut performance! Formerly of Celtic Woman! CaraNua, a trio comprised of Irish singers Alex Sharpe, Lynn Hilary and Edel Murphy. These three have toured/traveled the world as lead singers for Celtic Woman!

Along with Jason Tonioli, New Age Piano! (At @toniolijason )

Live Jan 16, 2018 7PM at Austad Auditorium, Val Browning Center, Weber State, Ogden Utah. Bring the whole family for a lovely evening of healing music!

Click the link below, to see more about this wonderful concert!


Get your tickets at http://weberstatetickets.com

Share this with you friends and get ready for Caranua and Jason Tonioli on January 16, 2018!

Have a great day!

From Christopher B e r e n t S e n