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Published 02-08-2018

Hi there, Chris B here. Want to thank all the visitors that have come to see my blog!

And because there are so many coming here, I need to start providing more content

for my visitors to enjoy!

Now we have been talking about A Million Dreams cover (from The Greatest Showman) by Caranua, and they have reached 18,000 views on youtube!

Congrats to them on that! Now we are talking a The Greatest Showman, what an spectacular movie!

I want to share something with you about what could be ,one of the best songs in the movie!

(I know that it isn't historically accurate, as Bailey teamed up with Barnum  much later (this Phillip character is supposed to represent Bailey to create drama), but the performance in this video, is excellent! Click this link and get ready to rock out!)



Hope you enjoy this and have a good day!

From Christopher B e r e n t s e n