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Anuna The Wild Song, with Lynn Hilary
Published 02-10-2018

Hi there, Chris B here.

Now that you are seeing more and more Caranua Music Trio, which is made up of former Celtic Woman members, Alex Sharp, Edel Murphy and also Lynn Hilary, you my want to see more of the individual singers! As they each have done a great deal of performing by themselves, and also with other groups!

So we will start with Lynn Hilary:

When Lynn was with the Irish choir Anuna, the one that was the original Riverdance choir, Lynn was able to reveal

her most amazing crystal clear soprano voice in many wonderful Anuna selections!

One of them is The Wild Song! Watch the following video, and be amazed! Now you understand why Lynn is part of this brilliant trio CaraNua Music!


Hope you liked it, and next time we will showcase another CaraNua Music member!

(By the way, As of today, CaraNua cover of a Million Dreams has reach over 28,000 views on Youtube!

Go to the following link and watch this amazing video, and then when you are done, you will brought back

to another blog post of mine, and when there, please go ahead and like their video, follow them and subscribe to their Youtube channel! CaraNua ladies need your help for their video to go truly viral! )


Have a great day!

From Chris B e r e n t s e n