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History of the Irish hymn Be Thou My Vision
Published 04-08-2018

Hi there,, Chris B here. I'll try this again, as I wrote something earlier and I made a mistake, and didn't save it, and it disappeared! This video has a little bit of history about the 8th century Irish hymn Be Thou My Vision! Even though the song was translated into English in about 1912, the original song is attributed to the 6th century Irish Christian poet Saint Dallan. Though some scholars cite an 8th century date. I think you will like this little video and you will see why the Irish love this hymn so much!

Hymn History Be Thou My Vision


Hope you enjoyed it, and that it has given you better appreciation about how very important this hymn is, to those of faith.

Peace be with you,

From Chris B e r e n t s e n




See the Irish trio  cover of the song , from the movie ! This will tug at heart strings &remind U of loved ones that have passed on. May this video bring you comfort,. Click the link below: