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Lead Generation Tools - 5 Of The Hottest Kinds Of Lead Generation Tools
Published 08-10-2018

Discover 5 of the hottest lead generation tools that you can use starting today. To generate leads that turn into customers. Read more below.

Five Types Of Lead Generation Tools

lead generation tools Of course, different kinds of companies do best with different kinds of prospects. Consider these categorized lists of lead generating tools to see which ones might help you:

1. Referral Marketing

Your current customers can provide you with high-quality leads. That's why so many companies offer referral programs that reward current customers for sending new ones. To start turning your own customers into your brand ambassadors, consider trying Extole, Ambassador, or Referral Candy.

2. Public Relations

Public Relations Do you want a cost-effective way to get more attention for your company without paying for ads? If so, you can use some simple tools to help attract more attention. Such as news outlets, bloggers, and other media. For example: * Instant Press Release will help you compose and format a suitable press release for your business. * A site called HARO, or "Help a Reporter Out," give you a place to engage journalists who are searching for interesting leads. * PRNewswire provides you with a place to publish and distribute your press releases.

3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing Most marketers with a lot of experience online still say that the big money is in the big email list. In order to create and track email lists and campaigns, you will need to use the right lead generation tools. Some popular choices include MailChimp, Aweber, and Wishpond. All of these email tools for lead generation will allow you to capture subscribers. And also craft emails, send messages out upon a schedule, and more.

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing Content marketing allows you to distribute information to a wide audience. And then attract potential customers who are interested in what you have to say. Finding the right content topics and then distributing content are usually the hardest parts. Look at BuzzSumo and Quora to help find topics that have gotten a lot of recent attention. Buffer helps schedule and track social posts to promote content.

5. Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing Organic and paid search engine marketing still helps a majority of businesses attract customers. Who are looking for solutions, products, or services? Additionally, SpyFu is one tool that can help uncover a competitor's keyword strategy. This helps a business create or improve their own. Raven Tools provides a full suite of search optimization tools for websites as well.

How To Use This List Of Tools For Lead Generators

Obviously, there are other ways to generate leads and lead generation tools to use. This list should provide you with some solid samples of available products and inform further research. In addition to email, social, search, referral and PR marketing, some companies also generate leads with paid advertising spots and contests. You can certainly find lead generation tools for these marketing methods as well. For more lead generation tools and training click the banner below:

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