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Lead Generation - Top 5 Lead Generation Tools
Published 08-10-2018

Top 5 Lead Generation Tools

Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. No matter who you may be or the customers that you serve, you can be sure that they are looking for you online. If you have the right lead generation tools, taking your message to them becomes much easier.

It is usually challenging to find the right leads for your business, which is why you need all the help you can get. The right tools for lead generation can make a huge difference in your business. With the right tools, lead generation becomes easier, simpler, and a whole lot of fun. Here are 5 of the best lead generation tools currently available.

1.    Leadpages

Leadpages allows you to easily set up and test your landing pages for offers. It is incredibly quick and easy to use that businesses regularly use it for testing marketing concepts before product development goes into full swing. With a huge variety of features, design elements, and in-built analytics, Leadpages is one of the best landing page builders currently in the market.

2.    HelloBar

If you wish to build a relationship with your leads, they should first stand up to be counted. “Opt-in blindness” is often a common problem with many potentially lucrative leads, where they ignore complex opt-in forms. HelloBar makes it possible to cut through the clutter in a simple yet inviting way. It operates as a great opt-in bar that stays visible at the top of a website without irritating users.

3.    LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to target the buyers that you desire, engage with personalized outreach, and understand key insights. If you are already into B2B sales, you are probably familiar with LinkedIn and its importance. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an amazing tool for capturing leads. You can use it to start prospecting for leads and save them into your CRM directly from the platform.

4. is a must-have lead generation tool if warm prospecting over the phone is an integral part of your strategy. It is a Salesforce-integrated phone system that helps users increase their productivity with a comprehensive solution that includes CRM and VoIP features. It offers high-level KPIs and customization thus reducing manual data input significantly.

5.    Turnstile

Video marketing has grown in popularity just as mobile technology. Turnstile is a Wistia app that helps you motivate leads to act after viewing your video content. Instead of putting links in the video description in the hope of getting clicks, you can use an opt-in form to empower any video. The form can come at any point in your video, which means that you have a completely customized experience.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to supercharge your lead generation, it is important to find the right tools that integrate seamlessly into your workflow. Any of the 5 lead generation tools discussed here can make a significant difference in your business. They are simple to learn and use and are guaranteed to increase the productivity of your team.

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