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Former CaraNua member Edel Chan Murphy video Atlantic Sky
Published 11-23-2018

Hi there, this is ChrisB. Former CaraNua member Edel Chan Murphy has just released her newest video, Atlantic Sky!

This song, about immigrants from Ireland coming to the United States to start a new life, totally epitomizes the entire thought of what America is about; people coming from the Old Country, to the Promised Land, to pursue their dreams!
Being released on Thanksgiving Day in the US, it reminds us, what we should truly be thankful for!
As the decendant of one of these imigrants, I share this, to let you know, how very thankful for my ancestors
that made the choice to leave everything, and just fly...to fill up the Atlantic Sky...Enjoy Edel singing this lovely song!

Atlantic Sky

That is so very lovely!

Go Edel's official website to see more:



Have a great day!

Frm ChrisB

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