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Published 09-08-2017

Department of Transportation

DOT                       B938                           CTT                               X                  0401

Any tires found to be older than 6 years on a vehicle isn't safe.

Today is September 2017. These Tires are 16 years of age.

No wonder they're selling 'em for $15.00 each.

Look at the last "4" digits that's in the same plane as the acronym

DOT.  This tire was manufactured the 4th week of of Year 2001.

Now when I look at the other "3" tires, say display 0916.

Do I have your attention ?

"All tires sold in the United States must be approved by the U.S. Federal

Department of Transportation"

Would DOT Code "3406" on all "4" tires waiting to be purched at $20

each be a wise investment for your 18 year old Daughter or 18 yaer old Son ? -system-how-tpms-works