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Published 09-10-2017

Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors induction began around November 1, 2003.

By the Year 2007, all U.S. vehicles were supposed to be 100 % compiliant

with U.S. standards.

The TPMS Sensors are Battery operated and their life span is usually

7 - 10 years.

The Sensors aren't activated unless the vehicle is travelling over 20 MPH.

When  your Tires need Rotating , all "4" of them will require

Re-Programming with a Computerized Hand Held Device.


The info that you just read is only 10 % of the Advanced Technology

that's within that Technological Marvel that's parked in your driveway.

Today is September 2017 and there isn't a Trade/nor some Professions

on Planet Earth that is as Expensive as the Automotive Industry.


What's TPMS and How Does It Work ?