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Published 09-10-2017

Stop Leak Can Damage TPMS Sensors !

Stop Leak should never be used in a Tire that is equipped

with TPMS Sensors because the Sensor can be damaged.

How much does the TPMS Sencors cost on my car or truck ?

A good move on your part would be to type your VIN # down

(which is inside your Drivers Door jam ; also it's located

at the bottom of the Windshield on the Drivers Side )

Take that info to the Dealerships Parts Department and say,

"Hi/Good afternoon - I'm Janice/James, I'd like a price check

on the TPMS Sensors for this vehicle".

TPMS Sensors commenced being fitted on U.S. vehicles

in the Year 2003. By Year 2007, all vehicles in U.S. were

supposed to be fully compliant with this mandate.


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