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Published 09-13-2017

How Can You Tell If the Vehicle Has a TPMS Sensor


If the tire/wheel assembly has a tire pressure monitoring  system (TPMS)

valve type sensor, it can be usually be identified by the threaded portion

of the valve stem.

If the valve stem is black rubber, then it does not have a stem mounted

tire pressure sensor. However, the wheel may be equipped with a wheel

mounted sensor, so care should still be taken to avoid damaging the sensor

during service.

Note : The Technician shouldn't replace either the ( OEM ) / Dealership cap

or the valve stem with STANDARD PARTS. Conventional valve stem parts will

inhibit the sensors ability too transmitt it's signal.

Caution : If changing tire sizes or styles beyond the recommendations as stated

here , consult a knowledgeable tire store representative for help in matching

wheel and tire combinations to your vehicle.

Note : Some tires may be FIVE or more years of age when you purchase them.

Always look at the DATE CODE.  ( DOT is the beginning of the info, date code 

is the ending of that long sentence )

Shops that use Nitrogen inflation  to inflate their Customers vehicles have 

installed a GREEN tire valve cap over the valve stem. This lets' others know

that Nitrogen, rather than Air has been used to inflate these tires.


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