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As of Monday, May 4, Sokule has given away or sold 72,465,428,888 Sokens

Imagine this...

You wake up, grab a coffee, mosey over to your computer, login to your Sokule account, post your messages instantly to Facebook, LinkedIn and dozens more high-traffic social media sites in a nano second.

1-post, 1-click and you're done!
Then take the rest of the day off.

Sokule will work for you while you relax...

You won't see him slaving away, but he's there, in the background, posting
your messages on 80+ high-traffic sites for you, and building an email list
for you on auto-pilot. You do nothing at all.

Sokule - Bringing business people together... "The owner of the company, Jane Mark, calls me, The Gentle Giant of Advertising, because I perform huge tasks every day, for every member. You see, I never sleep. I never goof off or play around, and I never complain. I love working for you."
You'll love some of the Kule (cool) things Sokule can do for you...
* Builds a list of followers for you.

You don't do anything at all.

* Lets you email your followers every 3 days.

No other social media site allows you to do this.

* Lets you post to 80+ Social Media Sites and Targeted blogs -

With just 1-click.

* Reach over 1.4 million people -

With your posts at Sokule.

* Pays you commissions on every upgraded member you sponsor.

Pays you weekly. No waiting months to get paid.


  • Sokule will Expose Your Business to the Masses...

    - You can post your message to 80+ high traffic social media sites.
    - You can choose the sites you want to post to.
    - You can add an image to your post so it really stands out in the crowd.
    - You can post longer messages when you have something extra to say.
    - You can schedule up to 25 posts in advance.
    - You can use Sokwall to post article length messages.
    - You can edit your posts when you mistype a word.
    - You can send a personal welcome to everyone who tracks you.
    - You can direct squeek (message) all your trackers with one click.
    - You can use Sokens (credits) build your own list of trackers fast.
    - You can email your trackers every 3 days.


  • Sokule will Drive People to Your Websites...

    - He will ping the weblogs for you.
    - He will tell the search engines where to find your new post.
    - He will help generate traffic to your postit page or Sokwall page.
    - He will ping up to 33 different weblogs.
    - He will help you get trackers by driving people to your postit page.


  • Sokule will Help You Earn Money Online...

    - We'll pay you to tell others about Sokule.
    - When they upgrade, you'll get paid up to 50% commission.
    - Sokule will help you establish your business presence online.
    - You get a very special page where you can sell your own stuff.
    - You can add clickable links to your favorite sites and social media sites.
    - You can add images ads or video ads to your special page.

"You make the sales and Sokule will cut you a weekly check!"


  • Sokule lets you join at the level that's right for you...

    Each level gives you more sites to post to, higher commissions, more state-of-the-art marketing tools, more ways to reach your trackers (followers), and even more ways to make money.

    When you signup... watch for the extra special deal available on our annual Silver membership. It's a 'no-brainer'.

Sokule puts your business in the drivers seat.