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Dreams are good. Dreams are important. But reality is sometimes different. Running a business online takes a little more work than this, but Sokule will make your marketing life so much easier.
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Email Marketing
Sokule is the only social network that allows you to email ALL of your list members (followers) Daily (the frequency of mailing depends on your membership.)
Social Posting
Post your messages and updates every day with 1-click to Twitter, Facebook, Sokule, Yakamore and Linked In. 
Auto List Building
Sokule auto-builds you a list of responsive members using a unique system called Sokens or list building credits.
Reach Millions
Our exclusive Kulewall posting tool allows you to expose your brand to more than 1.4 million people daily.

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Watch for the discount upgrade offers as you sign up.
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  • You can EMAIL the list that we grow for you DAILY (frequncy of mailing depends on your membership level)
  • You can POST to 1.5 MILLION daily with 1 click
  • You get your own customizable very cool BLOG
  • You can EARN up to 748.50 per sale
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Watch for the discount upgrade offers as you sign up.
Sokule let's you choose the membership that's right for you.

You can join free or, you can choose paid membership Silver, Gold or Founder. Top membertships give you more list members, more ways to reach those members, and even more ways to make money. 

Watch for the discount upgrade offers as you sign up. 
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