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How to save and make money with Prescription Discount Program
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1) How to save on your prescription
You need to be prepared when sickness strikes. Seeing a doctor and undergoing several examinations are very demanding tasks. You need to travel here and there, and spend a significant amount. of time Furthermore, the cost of medications, most especially prescription drugs, is expensive. The sad truth is; if you lack resources, your case would get worse sooner or later.
Despite poor economy, there is a way to lower the cost of prescription medication. Not everyone knows, but there are free prescription discounts programs offered online. With the help of these health cards, consumers can buy prescription medications at a much lower price.
As a Standard Plan Subscriber ($7.95 per month), you and your household members get incredible saving on prescription drugs at over 65,000 FDA registered pharmacies, including chains like Wal-Mart, Costco, Walgreen’s, CVS, Sam’s Club and many more. There is also a mail order option to have your medication come straight to your home.
From the name itself, prescription discount program is used to avail of discounts when buying a prescription drug. The amount of discount usually varies by provider, although there are prescription cards that take as much as 90% of the original price. Imagine the amount of savings you can get from using a prescription discount card. You can even use that money to pay for other necessities that you might need.
Having a prescription discount in your wallet has many advantages. Aside from prescription drugs, you can also use it to avail of discounts when buying over-the-counter medications as well as medical supplies and pet prescription medications.
You do not need to be a genius to be able to use the prescription discount program. You simply have to present it to the pharmacist on your purchase. In fact, you can also ask someone to buy medication and use the discount card on your behalf.
This program is connected with thousands of well-known pharmacies, many located in your own neighborhood. The program shows you cost information for pharmacies near you and/or via mail order with prices and location listed for easy comparison. Once you register with the program you will receive a card by mail, but understand, it is no ordinary pharmacy discount card. This card is backed by $500 million in buying power to get you the lowest drug prices available – guaranteed. Simply take your card to the pharmacy of your choosing and present it to receive your prescriptions at savings up to 90%

2) How to Make Money-The Business Side of the Program:
As a Premium Plan Subscriber ($19.95 per month), you and your household members get the same benefits listed under the Standard Plan above, PLUS you and your family members get Thousands of Dollars in Discounts on Vacations, Restaurants, Hotels, Over-The-Counter Pharmacy Products and Much More

Getting a prescription discount card is a very wise approach. It significantly lowers your medication budget and makes health issues easier to handle. Take advantage of the benefits of a free prescription discount coupon. There is no reason why you should not grab the opportunity, especially when it only takes little effort to have it.

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