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About Page When it comes to Internet Marketing, blogging is still the way to go if you're on a budget.
My Top 5 Blogging Tips
by Birgit Jurock (Creating Income Online)

1) Find something to Sell.

If you don't have something to sell online then start out as an affiliate. There is almost no easier way to get paid online than affiliate marketing.

Find affiliate marketing programs at Clickbank or for example Magnetic Sponsoring is around for years and helps you with marketing tips, training and also affiliate programs.

2) Trust.

Your blog is where you should post your testimonials, reviews, and personal pics too.

This is where you post anything that would lead people to trust and believe you. Whether it's personal pictures of your family vacation personal endorsements .....

This really can boosts sales!

3) You must have an "opt-in" form.

This is not optional. You DO need to sign up with a service like Trafficwave or GetResponse or AWeber and start building a list.

Why? Think about it this way. With an article you only get one chance to make the sale. With an email address you get to try again and again and again…

4) Write every single day.

This is what experts agree on and recommend as one of the most important things to do: write a blog post every single day for about sixty days and email your list every single time you post something new.

This will get you more comments, shares, and sales than anything else....

There is no substitute for persistence here.
As everythiong else in marketing, it's a numbers game.

5) Do NOT Procrastinate - Start today!

Make a commitment to yourself today that you will have a successful blog. It may take up to sixty days for you to start generating significant sales…

If you want to get started fast then I highly recommend that you build a WordPress Blog .

Get your own Domain name and Hosting (with Cpanel). The easiest way for you to start your blog is with .WS (domain name, hosting, PLUS a ready set up Wordpress blog, everything is already installed....)

Or got to GVO hosting (great training videos in your back office) and also earn on your referrals.
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