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About Our Business "I am that person, that cascade from the world, has found a bicycle and started pedaling."
The web has become a place not only to pass the time, but also work for everyone. From my experiences malls, acquired over many years of work, I landed at Digital PR.
Get in touch and squeeze relations with strangers scattered almost everywhere in the globe. I increase and I take care of your reputation. Through the marketing buzz, I create relationships between your brand and users. In a nutshell I create and unleashed a great Word of Mouth (WOMM). Word of mouth is the advertising tool that users consider the most credible online.
"Consumers are already talking about, your only option and enter the conversation." The Digital PR is an inseminator an influencer, able to influence the opinions of reta. My job is to unleash a dynamic of viral spread in what I collect user community can facilitate the dissemination of content.
Finally, journey to the web to increase the authority of the brand or product. To attract the attention of potential fans of a particular product or service. To generate positive word of mouth on a brand / product and then fix the reputation of the brand. To generate conversion on a web site. To collect feedback from experts on a product / service.
Digital PR
Name: Digital PR
Street: via della cappellina 11
City: livorno
Country: Italy
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