Easy Money Offer  
About Page It's so simple. You can get quick money, here.
Try it. You'll like it!
by Doug Scofield

I signed up for a guaranteed offer, yesterday. Today, I have $5 in my Paypal account, and I am guaranteed $10 more.

I looked around within the member's area. I don't see anything that is fishy.

It seems this offer is someone's idea for generating more business with a web-hosting firm. Well and good, because they offer you a free website.
Upgrades are available, of course. Anyway, just stay with the free version, and set up a small online store, or any number of other features. The free website will be posting their ads, though.
This sign in will lead you to the guaranteed offer described in my article. Also, I'd love to offer you additional opportunities at a later time.
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