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About Page Futurenet offers the greatest online business opportunity ever!
by FutureNet

FutureNet is social networking platform founded in 2014 by Stephan Morgernstern and Roman Ziemian. It’s combination of 5 Online sectors – Social Media, Multimedia, Online Products, Online Games and finally Making Money Online. What is unique about this platform? You actually GET PAID for your activity. Let’s compare it to popular Facebook. You post photos, comments, chat with friends and a price you need to pay for using Facebook is watching huge amount of advertisements everywhere. FutureNet is different. They prefer to pay users for promoting their website and using it! It’s better for everyone – registered users can earn money and founders don’t need to pay millions dollars for advertising campaign.

One of the best things about this social network is that you get paid EVERYTIME YOU LOG IN. Imagine how many times you have logged on Facebook? On FutureNet you can earn daily 0.01$ for 5 minutes being online, 0.03$ for 15 minutes and 0.05$ for 30 minutes. Obviously you’re not going to become rich just by logging in, but there are many other ways to earn money! You are rewarded every time you post photos, comment something, like something, even when you chat with friends!
Now let’s take a look on two most important business opportunities that FutureNet gives to you. First one is Friends Tree, called also a Matrix. There are 6 different matrix’s values. Every matrix starts by you, then it divides to three. It means that in your first level you can have 3 people, on second level you can have 9, on third 27 etc. Look at graphic below to understand how it works.

The Friends Tree goes up to 10 levels of commission, 5% for each person joined your matrix. There are 6 matrix values – 10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 500$ and 1000$. If you want to buy 50$ matrix, you need to buy all previous ones (10$ and 25$). Let’s say you bought Matrix for 10$ and invited a friend. You receive 5% of matrix value for each person joined your Matrix, so you earn 0,5$ for your friend. Now let’s say your friend invited his brother. Your friends earns 0,5$ for his brother, but you also earn 0,5$, because it’s all happening in your own Matrix! You get paid for EVERY PERSON that shows up below you, it doesn’t matter who invited them. Let’s see how many people you can have and how much money you can earn with just one single matrix for 10$.

As you can see, one matrix can contain almost 90.000 people! You can earn more than 44.000$ just on 10$ matrix! And you can have six of them with different values and getting 5% commission of each person joined. It’s the best business opportunity you can find. You don’t need to investmuch money but you can earn a lot! Next fantastic thing about Matrix is that you can get extra bonuscalled Matching Bonus. You get additional 10-50% profit (depending on your bought matrix value) based on the income of your personal partners from the Friends Tree. It doesn’t actually matter how many personal partners you have, you can get extra bonus from each one. It means if your personal partner invited someone to the matrix, you earn 0,5$ (because new person joined your matrix), your friends earns 0,5$ (because new person joined his matrix) and you receive 10% MATCHING BONUS from your friend’s earnings – 0,05$. Your additional profit depends on your bought matrix amount. (10% for first one, 20% for second, 30% for third and 50% for the rest)

Now let’s head to second important business opportunity – FutureAdPro. When you create account on FutureNet, you also have account on FutureAdPro. What is it? It’s a Revenue Sharing advertising platform (revshare). Using simple words, it’s just an advertisement platform, where you can buy advertisements for your business (called adpack). Online advertising market is gaining insane speed nowadays. It’s much easier to target exact people by showing advertisements on social media based on people preferences than by standard adverts in newspaper or TV.

If you have your own website or you just want to promote other business, you need to create a big traffic. That’s what you can get by investing in FutureAdPro.

But we’re talking about how to make money from home, right? Of course there is also opportunity to make real money online! You have to watch 10 adverts each day and you get qualified to every day bonus. Every AdPack works for you for 120 days and generate 120% of income. It means that if you buy an AdPack for 50$, you will have 60$ after 4 months, it’s 10$ of clear profit. Everytime you withdraw your money, 5% is automatically deposited for your position upgrade in Friends Tree. It means that every FutureAdPro user automatically builds his Matrix by money withdrawal. With FutureAdPro you can DOUBLE your money with just one year! All you have to do is reinvest all earnings and watch 10 adverts daily. It’s that simple! Also you can refer FutureAdPro to your friends and get commission every time they buy an AdPack!

How to start?
1. Start with your own AdPacks.
Decide yourself how many AdPacks you need for a successful start.
More AdPacks = More Money
2. Watch at least 10 adverts from other customers each day.
3. Decide if you want to be active
4. If you do, select your status position starting at $30 per year.
The higher your position status is, the more money you get

You will get income for friend’s purchases up to 5 depth levels.
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