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Get Paid for Social networking
by SK Wong

To build solid long term business, we need to build trust and provide quality product, service and advise even when it means that we do not see the immediate result and personal gain.

So to build my Business credential I provide Small Business Strategy articles on this Social Business Network

To expand my network and contact, I found these few sites useful and have made many connections, and the most beautiful part is earning a few dollars here and there, as our local people says it well "Sedikit, Sedikit, Lama Jadi Bukit." it all added up at the end of the day. Here they are :

Swom - Super Word-of-Mouth social networking sites for home-businesses -

Bizoppers - Getting paid to get connected with like minded people, a total different approach in social networking -

To drive quality traffic to my business site I use this Traffic Exchange site which find hyper effective and best part is my mail box does not swamp with solo ads.-

To make my business opportunity known to the world, friends and associates this sites come very handy ;

SoKule - Fun, effective and extremely profitable site to get paid telling people your business -

Facebook - Connection with friends, associates and family

Twitter - of course for my followers, not many but is growing

And in case you are feeling blue and demotivated like one of the Gold member I happen to read her question in the OU the very night I joined and upgraded to GOLD, you can have

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration for Success here -

If you are having Small Business offline and getting nowhere, you want a tip or two Business Success Strategy, visit
Profit Ideas, Resources and Strategies for Small Business & SOHO!

and don't forget to donate a dollar or two if you find the tip useful. :)

Happy Swomming!

Warmest Regards,

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